TCIG Continues Improvement By Investing In Educators


On Friday 12th September, 2014 a pilot group of five school leaders completed ‘The 21st Century Principal’ course. The four-day learning experience was a spin-off of TCIG’s management development programme entitled ‘The 21st Century Manager.’

The new course aimed to develop the management and leadership capabilities of principals in Grand Turk.

The participants represented public and private education institutions. Following the course completion, they were presented with certificates by Mr. Mark Greenway, Director-Human Resources.

Ms. Tamera Robinson, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, gave gifts of books entitled ‘The Principal’s Companion.’

She stated; “This training is another building block in the process of improving and reforming the civil service. As well as, the Ministry of Education’s goal of retooling principals for management in the 21st Century.”

The manual was the key resource for the course design and development. Following are the topics which the class covered:
· The Many Roles of the Principal
· The Art of Human Relations
· Building Emotional and Social Intelligence Competencies
· The Ego Mind and Negative Leadership Behaviours to Control
· Understanding, Planning and Implementing Change at School
· Enhancing teacher Growth through Supervision
· Building a Collaborative School Culture
· Working Effectively with Parents and the Community
· Making a Difference for Students
· The Discipline Gap
· Reducing School and Cyber Bullying


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