Precautionary tips from Environmental Health Department especially to the residents of North Caicos

1. Wear proper clothing, including gloves, boots and mask if you are to conduct any cleaning.

2. Take precautions to avoid electrical shock.

3. AVOID wading in flossed areas because of the potential for downed power lines, broken glass and contracting waterborne diseases.

4. If any eating or drinking items have been contaminated in flooded water dispose of appropriately.

5. Ensure that the proper hand washing technique is applied at all times.

6. Be on the alert for waterborne disease symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting and seek medical attention if they occur.

7. If waste cannot be removed in a timely manner use pesticide or disinfectant on the waste as a temporary measure to keep flies and pests away.

8. DO NOT USE cesspit until the flooded waters have subsided.

9. BOIL water which is to be used for drinking or preparing meals.

10. Treat possible contaminated drinking water with chlorine tablets or bleach as a means of disinfecting. Follow the directions on the label of the tablets and ensure that chlorine is mixed in a well ventilated area. ALWAYS add Chlorine to water.

11. Ensure that treated drinking water is stored in covered and clean containers which are above ground.

12. Ensure that an open cuts and wounds are kept clean and covered and away from flooded areas.

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