A marijuana firm has been launched in Jamaica… TCI Premier expands

According to the Boston news website, the first of its kind firm for the country was launched by Henry Lowe, a prominent Jamaican scientist and entrepreneur.

Medicanja as it is called will be producing medicines made from marijuana. Other marijuana derived products are reportedly already on the market, such as ‘CanasoMarijuana medicinel’ which helps relieve pressure in the eye of glaucoma patients.The move is already been supported by some Jamaican politicians and Lowe expects the medical marijuana industry to be a what he calls a powerhouse for the country’s economy.

For some time now there have been cries of the shortage of resources in the Turks and Caicos public system, particularly in schools.

Speaking to media recently, the Premier, Hon Rufus Ewing explained that as far as the shortage of some of these resources are concerned such as sanitary products and other everyday items; the monthly report reflects the availability of funds for these things. Therefore, what needs to be worked on is getting the funds out there to these different government departments.

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