Shadow Minister for Health, Hon. Edwin Astwood wants Gov. to focus on Health

Mental Health Month is over but Shadow Minister for Health, Hon. Edwin Astwood is asking the government to ‘keep on’ the lights, when it comes to this issue.

Astwood in a statement pointed out that with the many social and economical issues faced by the Turks and Caicos people including unemployment; the government needs to take greater steps in addressing this matter.

Just last month the Department of Mental Health and Substance Dependence revealed that more than 70% of residents have been treated for either problem this year. The shadow minister calls on the government to devote more funds to preventative measures and to stop those in need of help wandering the streets; citing that it poses a risk to the public and to the individuals.

Hon Edwin Astwood also asks the government to review the practice of placing mentally challenged patients in the prison.

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