Summary of the 21st Sitting of the Executive Cabinet

The 21st Sitting of the Executive Cabinet which convened yesterday in the nation’s capital, Grand Turk, was chaired by the Acting Governor, H.E. Anya Williams and attended by all Ministers, except the Minister of Health, who was out of the country on official business.
The meeting began with the usual opening prayer and followed much of the same path as always with different agenda items were tabled for discussion. However, one of the items on the agenda was a special one, permitting the Government to ask questions of the Attorney General, Huw Shepherd relating to the concerns that had been raised with the now-former Governor, Ric Todd.

The question session, which occurred towards the latter part of the day, ended with the Government’s dissatisfaction and frustration at the inadequacies of the Attorney General’s answers and the Premier and Ministers reaffirming that they have lost all confidence in the Attorney General.

These questions are matters of national concern that transcends political parties and affects every citizen, visitor and investor to the islands. It is because of these wide ranging implications that the Government remains resolved to getting the AG to answer these questions. The Premier remarked, “My Government is committed to the principles of good governance and one of the fundamental principles is accountability and we would not be serving in the best interest of the people of these islands if we do not hold all persons accountable.”

The House of Assembly was adjourned early this morning with the government and the other Members of the House of Assembly retiring to chambers to discuss the concerns the government has with regards to the AG and they also took the opportunity to discuss other matters of national concern with the view of working together for the betterment of the people of the Turks & Caicos Islands.

The Government wants to reassure the people, investors, and to the country that the Government is still functioning and continues to work in the best interest of the people of these islands.

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