Ric Todds decision on Dolphin welcomed by AG chambers.

The Supreme Court recently dismissed the application for review of the amendment made by former governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands, TCI Coat

The application was brought by a local consortium which suggested that the governor had acted illegally in changing a regulation under the Fisheries Protection Ordinance. The group is protesting the establishment of a dolphinarium in the TCI.

The 2012 amendment allowed for the importation of marine mammals by a person who holds a permit, certificate or other document authorizing importation and keeping of marine mammals for display, exhibition or performance.

The change was proposed after Dolphin Cove development received a business licence by the then interim Government following its proposal to open a ‘swim with the dolphins’ park in Cooper Jack on the south side of Providenciales.

It would have been the fifth dolphin attraction for Dolphin Cove.

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