Turquoise Morning

Our initial television show is a morning magazine-styled show called: Turquoise Morning which now has two versions: one for The Bahamas and the original in The Turks and Caicos. Turquoise Morning is committed to its theme and slogan which is to: ‘Celebrate People, Places and Plans’ The show has been well received as it is the only morning show in the country which takes people, viewers around the islands through exploits which feature captivating stories, visiting places with breathtaking vistas and interesting history and intelligently exposing ideas and initiatives designed to boost each place.

Turquoise Morning is hosted by 20-year journalist – Deandrea Hamilton – with a background in print, radio and television news and management in The Bahamas, The Turks and Caicos and The Caribbean region. Turquoise Morning is aired in The Turks and Caicos on PTV8, in The Bahamas on Cable Bahamas Ch12 and on Tropik TV to the Caribbean and US cities, namely The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Haiti, Martinique, South Florida, New York and New Jersey (Canada coming soon) on Ch689.

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