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KENDALL “MADMAX” DEAN Facing 30 Years in a second murder Conviction in four years



Wilkie Arthur

Freelance Court Correspondent

In the early morning hours of Friday the August 3rd, 2018 Judah Gail was at the Five Dollar Bar situated at Lamont’s (Chicken) parking lot in Providenciales; also at the bar were several other patrons including a woman who was in company of some friends. During the course of the night and before the fatal shooting there was an altercation between a person known as “Madmax” and one “Sparky” on the corner of the food court at the establishment’s parking lot.

Gunshots were fired and the patrons hurriedly dispersed, whilst some ran into the bar and laid low.

The case for the Crown depended to a large extent on the evidence of JC who testified under the cloak of anonymity and the pseudonym Jessica Cooper.

JC testified that shortly after the gunshots and the verbal altercation between Madmax and Sparky, a red Mustang entered the parking lot to the Five Dollar Bar. It was then about 2:00am. She further testified that Madmax alighted from the red Mustang, raised his shirt revealing a gun. She said, then he approached Judah and asked him whether he thought his gun was a trophy and Judah laughed. 

At the time, Judah was sitting on a vehicle close by, she testified.

Madmax’s vehicle was a distance of approximately 2-3 feet in front of JC’s vehicle and she said that she was about 10-15 feet away from the shooting incident. 

Madmax told Judah, “I will kill yuh *ucking a$$ tonight” and shot him once in his chest.

He then fired two more shots into Judah’s chest, according to the eyewitnesses.

Madmax then got into the red Mustang and sped away from the scene. Judah collapsed onto a vehicle belonging to one Thea Musgrove and succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

Again, that was 2018.

Kendall “Madmax” Dean was convicted on March 2nd, 2020 of that crime and later sentenced to 30 years to life imprisonment for the Judah Gail murder. But Dean would appeal his conviction. 

On Wednesday May 5th, 2021 after having carefully considered the written submissions and having had the benefit of oral submissions the Court of Appeal allowed the appeal, quashed the conviction and directed that a verdict of an acquittal be entered. 

We relived that 2018 bold in public shooting death of Judah Gail, the anonymous witness testifying, along with the conviction, sentence and subsequent overturned by the court of appeal, to show and remind ourselves that this present case of Swann’s shooting death bears striking similarities. 

This court correspondent can now report, one of the jurors said in the first attempt to select a 12 member jury for this new trial, that she was a juror on his first murder trial. She was referring to the 2020 trial for the murder of Judah Gail that took place in August 2018. 

As a result of what was said by that potential female juror, in the presence of the rest of jury in the waiting pool, already having been selected for the trial, the selection process was aborted.  

The following week, another attempt at staffing an unbiased jury resumed.

Police confirmed and revealed that in this new shooting death of JOSHUA SWANN on the evening of Sunday August 8, 2021 – exactly three months and three days after Madmax had won his appeal and been released – that a bold gun crime in clear view of members of the public, with reportedly many witnesses was carried out by Kendall Dean; facing charges of murder. 

A number of the other witnesses who gave police statements refused to testify in the trial held in the Grand Turk Supreme Court as police believed and was investigating how one of the eye witnesses that were present at Swann’s murder scene and was sent off to the UK with his girlfriend and their young child, came back home. 

He “Karo Outten” having left the UK and moved to the USA for a while, decided to traveled from the US and returned home, was killed on Wednesday June 7th, 2023, at ZaZa location on Five Cays Road. 

He traveled home without the permission and knowledge of those closest to him, including his girlfriend or child; it blindsided witness protection as well.

The girlfriend was called in as a witness in the trial; she testified from the United Kingdom unabashedly stating that she was not returning to TCI after what happened to her partner mere days after landing in Providenciales. 

Dean was charged with the murder of Joshua Swann; described as ‘his own friend’,  over what police said was a ‘theft of funds dispute.’

Police explained that they believed Swann was shot for missing funds he did not steal, according to statements they had collected.

The 12 member jury heard the evidence and on Monday April 22 returned a conviction for Kendall Dean in the 2021 killing that claimed the life of the young man.

Kendall Dean is facing 30 years in prison on the murder conviction. 

Will the judge in this new murder matter, his Lordship The Hon Mr Justice Davidson Kevin Baptiste imposed the mandatory minimum of 30 years to life imprisonment on Kendall Dean? or will Mr. Oliver Smith KC, Dean’s attorney, persuade the judge to sentence his client to less than the 30 years to life imprisonment according to our TCI laws, if finds exceptional circumstances? 

A sentence of 30 years to life imprisonment simply means, Dean will have to serve no less than 30 years before he can apply to be considered for parole. If having exhausted all his appeal options and fails, he would be at age 56 before his first parole application can be submitted for consideration and no guarantee it will be granted. 

The “life sentence” means he can remain at His Majesty’s Prison until he dies.

Prosecuting the matter was SIPT Senior Public Prosecutor, Mr. Quinn Hawkins and was assisted by Ms. Katherine “Kate” Duncan also from the SIPT trial. They were granted special noticeable police protection at their hotel rooms and everywhere while conducting the prosecution of this trial in Grand Turk and heavily armed tactical unit officers were positioned at the court for the duration of the trial

Now, sentencing is fixed for June 10th, 2024.

Caribbean News

New UN Resident Coordinator for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Visits Dominica  



ROSEAU, June 21, 2024: The new United Nations Resident Coordinator for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Simon Springett, is currently in the Commonwealth of Dominica to present his credentials ahead of key meetings with Government and national officials.

Today, Mr. Springett formally presented his credentials and met with Prime Minister the Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, ahead of courtesy calls with Dominica’s President H. E. Sylvanie Burton, and several other senior Government Ministers.

Prime Minster Skerrit who expressed gratitude for the collective support received from the UN Development System to date, pledged to continue working to strengthen their partnership in coming years, noting that he was also “looking forward to establishing the UN Common Premises”, which is expected to expand UN cooperation and joint support in Dominica.

Meanwhile, the new UN Head also gave assurances of continued UN partnership and expansion of support to cover existing gaps. He added: “I am honoured to be here in Dominica, the beautiful Nature Isle, and to pledge my commitment, along with the UN Team, to supporting the Government in building resilience,  and further advancing the Sustainable Development Goals.”

During his visit, Mr. Springett also met with the Minister for the Environment, Rural Modernisation, Kalinago Upliftment and Constituency Empowerment, the Hon. Cozier Frederick, and visited the Kalinago Territory, where he benefitted from a brief historical tour of the Kalinago Barana Auté (Village by the Sea).

The Mission also included meetings with the Minister for Finance, Economic Development, Climate Resilience and Social Security – Hon. Dr. Irving McIntyre; Minister for National Security and Legal Affairs – Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore; National Disaster Coordinator, Office of Disaster Management – Mr. Fitzroy Pascal; Commissioner of Police – Mr. Davidson Valerie and the UN Multi-Country Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (MSDCF) Focal Point, Dr. Adis King, among other officials, and with UN staff in Dominica.

On June 1, Mr. Springett was appointed by UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, as the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, with the approval of the host Governments. A national of the United States, he brings his distinguished 25-year career in international development to this critical role, having most recently served as the UN Resident Coordinator in Moldova since 2019, leading the UN’s efforts in that country.

As the highest-ranking official of the UN development system in the Eastern Caribbean, Mr. Springett will lead the UN Sub-regional Team (UNST) across 10 countries and territories. He will champion the UN’s mandates and advocate for the delivery of the MSDCF in close collaboration with national governments and regional institutions. A key focus will be strengthening cooperation and effectiveness of UN operational activities throughout the region.

In the coming weeks, the new Resident Coordinator is expected to present his credentials to other Member States in his area of responsibility.

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Jamaica Committed to Resilient Ocean Ecosystem



#Kingston, Jamaica, June 24, 2024 – Director General of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica, Bertrand Smith has reiterated Jamaica’s commitment to fostering a resilient ocean ecosystem for future generations.

Speaking at a recent World Oceans Day ceremony hosted by Earth Ambassadeurs at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Mr. Smith outlined Jamaica’s proactive measures in marine conservation, including the implementation of a global initiative supported by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to combat marine litter from transport and fisheries sectors.

The Director General also noted the country’s compliance with the 2023 IMO Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Strategy.

“As an active member of the International Maritime Organization, Jamaica commits to global efforts aimed at decarbonizing shipping, with ambitious goals to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050,” he said.

Recognizing the urgent need for action, Mr. Smith highlighted the pivotal role of youth leadership in driving sustainable change.

“[World Ocean Day] not only celebrates our oceans but also empowers our youth, particularly our Earth Ambassadeurs and Junior Ambassadeurs who are leading the charge for environmental stewardship,” he said.

“I am proud of how youth leadership is helping to drive the transformative change needed for our blue planet. On local, national, and international levels, young people are engaging in action and policy change to create a better future. We applaud these young climate advocates,” the Director General added.

Mr. Smith also appealed to persons to “safeguard our oceans and environment for our children, our grandchildren, and the generations to come” while adding that what is done today and over the coming years, will be crucial for their future and their world.


Photo Caption: Bert Smith addresses Earth Ambassadeurs World Oceans Day Ceremony

Contact: Peta-Gaye Hodges

Release: JIS

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Dengigh Agricultural Food Show Set for August 4-6



#Kingston, June 24, 2024 – The upcoming Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show, is attracting a record number of interests from potential exhibitors, according to Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Mining, Hon. Floyd Green.

“In terms of exhibits and people asking questions to be exhibitors, we are already at 20 per cent above the requests that we got last year. Denbigh is looking extremely good,” Mr. Green said.

He was speaking at the launch of the 70th staging of the event at the Hi-Pro Ace Supercentre, in White Marl, St. Catherine on June 21.

The Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show will be held from Sunday, August 4 to Tuesday, August 6, at the Denbigh Show Grounds in May Pen, Clarendon.

It is the largest agricultural exposition in the Caribbean, and has attracted over 100 exhibitors, offering a wide range of agricultural-related booths and seminars.

“Denbigh represents our progress in agriculture and has provided a platform to showcase agriculture excellence. The Denbigh Show is a place that you can learn about modern agriculture trends, and an environment that caters to our farmers, and provides entertainment to the entire family,” Minister Green said.

He also used the opportunity to laud the island’s farmers as they continue to ensure growth in the agriculture sector, despite the drought.

Mr. Green informed that local onion production is at an all-time high, while adding that the Government will continue to provide incentives for growth of the sector, and several other agricultural related industries.

The Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show has attracted over 80,000 patrons, and is a benchmark for showcasing agriculture and its related industries.


Contact: Garfield L. Angus

Release: JIS

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