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TCI Community College gets New Vice Presidents



Dana Malcolm 

Staff Writer 

#TurksandCaicosIslands, February 14, 2024 – Three new vice presidents have been on-boarded at the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College as the institution continues upgrading its services with the end goal of transitioning to a University. 

Guided by the 2022 review of the College, the transition in leadership structure was welcomed by the government and college officials. 

“Traditionally TCICC operated under a leadership structure that remained largely unchanged since its establishment 29 years ago. It meant a lack of distributed leadership and potential over-reliance on a single individual, ”said Dr Candice Williams, TCICC President.

She maintained that the new executive team was well-placed to spearhead TCICC’s ongoing transition. The new Vice Presidents are: 

Dr Delores Stapleton-Harris, Vice President of Academic Vocational and Student Services;

Dr. Shaun McKay, Vice President of Administration and Operation; and

Deranica Allen Williams, Vice President of Finance;

“This is part of a phased approach to transform the college into a university paving the way to an even brighter future– providing an excellent education requires an excellent organization with excellent leadership,” emphasized Rachel Taylor, Minister of Education.

Each employee was afforded an opportunity to speak during the event.

Stapleton-Harris, who holds numerous International Organization for Standardization, ISO certifications, and degrees in higher education leadership and policy said she, was humbled by the trust placed in her. 

“I am firmly committed to advancing TCICC and its rebranding efforts to position it as the institution of first choice for education. We will endeavour to provide [students]  with a rich and inclusive academic environment–” she continued “I am strongly committed to working with faculty staff and industry providers to ensure our students are equipped with the knowledge skills and equipment they need to succeed in their chosen career.”

McKay who is trained in Community College Leadership, and Business Management gave a message of unity and advancement.

“We will embark upon demanding directions up on each of us as vice presidents,” he said. “Through education comes economic empowerment, which means something different to everyone, but in the Turks and Caicos I want that to mean that we are the number one choice globally, regionally, and internationally.”

Allen-Williams told the gathered stakeholders and media she was committed to the prudent stewardship of resources. Focusing on compliance, maintenance, and improvement of finances. 

“My goal is to enhance the financial stability of the college while implementing judicious fiscal practices that enable us to advance while remaining financially sustainable.”

The new positions, revealed via a press conference on January 30th, were legalised by an early  2024 amendment to the ordinance governing the Institution. 

It moves the college away from the principal to deputy principal chain of leadership. Instead, the President will be supported by a total of four vice presidents.

The TCICC is also attempting to get accredited, “A significant achievement in our pursuit of excellence is the college’s approval to commence for accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC),” Taylor revealed. 

The Minister maintained this, along with ISO certification, was a crucial step in maintaining the quality of Education at TCICC.





GRAND TURK, TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS, 17 APRIL 2024 – The Ministry of Education would like all continuing and potential awardees to be aware of the following changes as it relates to the application process and the new bond enforcement measures. 

The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports & Social Services (MOEYSS) would like to share some insights of our new application process for the Scholarship Season.  Please note applications will NO LONGER be accepted at our scholarship secretariat email . Only queries as it relates application process or the management of your scholarship award will be accepted at the email address.

 Digitization of the scholarship application process became a key programme strategy for the 2023/24 FY. Therefore research was initiated to digitize the scholarship application process, from this research conducted by the Secretariat Unit Good Grants was determined the most efficient and convenient  option. As of March 11th 2024 the scholarship application season has been open through use of Good Grants . This initiative offers invaluable opportunities for Turks and Caicos Islanders to apply for scholarship opportunities within the Ministry’s priority areas.  To apply for a scholarship visit our website at and click ‘Scholarship Portal’.

 Endorsement Letter for persons applying in the area of Health and Education Studies

The applicant will be responsible for sharing their application with the necessary endorser. On the Good Grants platform there is  a feature in the portal where you can download your application and submit to the endorser. This can be found in the ‘apply‘ page at the bottom directly before where your application is listed.


The bond enforcement for the scholarship program believes that awardees should be encouraged to pursue academic goals from these skills areas gaps identified by the Turks and Caicos Islands National Skills Gap Audit 2018, as a way of giving back to the country who afforded them the opportunity to student abroad. The new bond document now reflects the required GPA of 2.5.

  • A surety is a person who takes responsibility of your academic performance to fulfil your bond agreement obligations.
  • Each awardee must nominate 2 (two) sureties to sign their bond agreement along with you the awardee. 
  • You and your sureties will be held jointly liable to pay Turks and Caicos Islands Government if you fail to fulfil your serve back to the TCIG with a period of service ranging from 3 to 5 years on completing of studies and return to Turks and Caicos Islands.
  • Each awardee will now have to confirm their enrollment by submitting documentation at the close of each academic semester.

Your Sureties

  1. Must be Turks and Caicos Islander, showing proof of residency by submitting the following documents:-
  • Job Letter and bank letter OR
  • Bank letter and Ad davit
  1. Your sureties are now required to provide their physical address within the TCI.
  2. Your sureties can be your parents /guardians.
  3. Your sureties can be anyone willing to bear the legal responsibility in the event of having to repay the debt back to TCIG


  • The probationary period of the bond agreement has changed from 60 days to 90 days as returning students seek permanent work either within the public or private sector of the Turks and Caicos Islands.
  • The returning student must notify the Ministry of Education of return to TCI and is encouraged to seek employment either with the Internship and Apprenticeship programme or seek gainful employment either within the Public or Private sector.

Continuing and returning students job experience programme

Continuing and returning students are encouraged to participate in the National Internship and Apprenticeship program for at least a period of six weeks during summer and other breaks within your programme each year. The student can provide proof of secured paid internship either within the Turks and Caicos Islands or aboard.

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Campus Brawl at Clement Howell High sends students to Hospital



Dana Malcolm 
Staff Writer 

Three boys were injured and visitation at the Cheshire Hall Medical Center in Providenciales was suspended for about 18 hours following a school brawl on Wednesday afternoon at the Clement Howell High.

“At Clement Howell High School, the safety and well-being of our students are of utmost priority. We are taking this incident very seriously and are currently conducting a thorough investigation to ascertain the root cause and circumstances that led to this regrettable situation,” The Ministry of Education said in a press release Thursday Morning.

It followed reports of a large fight that began to come in early Wednesday morning with residents reporting not just the police but the presence of an ambulance on school grounds.

By 2 p.m. communication came from the TCI Hospital that they had suspended visitation; an action usually reserved for the aftermath of violent events.

The hospital did not say why it was closing its doors, only indicating that it was for the safety of its patients and staff as well as their families.

The Ministry cleared up some of what had happened in their statement indicating that the injured students, one 15 -year-old and two 16-year-olds, had been  taken to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre for treatment.

“Contrary to reports circulating on social media, there were no further incidents at the hospital, however, as a standard precautionary measure, the hospital went on lockdown mode,” it said.

When Magnetic Media contacted the police around 4 p.m. Wednesday to find out what caused the ruckus they told us they were still on scene. Speaking to media later on they revealed the cause of the fight was still unknown but that they were using video evidence and interviews to piece it together.

Videos, shot by students, were shared with the news team, showing the extent of the fighting.

In them a large knot of boys is seen in multiple videos, some throwing punches, some kicking and pushing and some others trying in vain to separate their schoolmates. A lone white clad individual, possibly a security guard, is dragged along in the melee of fighting teens.  Some are seen brandishing what appears to be rocks, which could have been used as weapons.

There were several mobs where fights broke out; mostly boys but also girls involved.

By news production time, no news had come from police of any arrests made but the hospital resumed regular operations on Thursday morning around 9:30 a.m.

The brawl comes just weeks before the Reaching the Streets initiative which is aimed at tackling violence and criminal activities in teens and young adults.

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Caribbean News

Senior Teacher Endorses Robot to Assist in Educating Infant and Primary School Students



KINGSTON, April 17 (JIS):
Senior Teacher at Alpha Infant School, Sabrina Raymond-Hunter, has endorsed the ‘ICHEETAH’ robot, a smart educational AI-powered tool that will advance the way young children learn and interact with technology.
The robot, developed by CHEETAH Toys and More, LLC, is designed to engage and educate children at the infant and early-primary levels of education in a fun and interactive manner, supporting their cognitive development and preparing them for future academic success.
Speaking at a Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank on April 16, Mrs. Raymond-Hunter recognised the potential of this cutting-edge technology and its ability to enhance the learning experience for young children.
“I am really excited about this product. I was able to get this into my classroom of 23 students and they are super excited about this. We have had it for three weeks and this is a game changer,” she said.
The Senior Teacher, who also serves as the school’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Designate, added that the students’ learning has been enhanced since incorporating the technology into her teaching.
“It has enhanced it a lot because you know the boys, especially, once they are happy and find something that is fun, they will want to do it. My boys started off a little bit rocky, but since they got this robot, they are spelling, identifying words and reading,” she noted.
Having yielded positive results from utilising the technology, Mrs. Raymond-Hunter is encouraging other schools who are not yet on board to do so.
“I’m encouraging all the other schools to get on board, and if for any reason you need a demonstration, come to Alpha. I’ll show you exactly how we use it to get our students on board and on level with everyone else. Learning should be fun, and with iCHEETAH it definitely is,” she shared.
The robot is outfitted with several interactive features, including voice recognition, games, and educational content, making learning engaging and exciting for young learners.

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