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TCI Gov’t announces $18 Million Pay Increase for Civil Service  



Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer 


#TurksandCaicos, December 5, 2023 – With bated breath, thousands of residents were clung to every word from the three top TCI officials managing the multimillion dollar salary review of Public Sector staff. In a Monday morning press conference broadcast live, all 1,919 workers learned they’re getting a minimum 10 percent increase in pay.

Undoubtedly heartening for significantly more civil servants, Anya Williams, Deputy Governor with oversight of the public sector revealed an up to 40 percent salary hike beginning this month.

It will cost the government $18.2 million to implement this first phase which will be seen in December paychecks.

The increase follows the government’s agreement to recommendations made during the 2023 Pay and Grading review, the first in 10 years.

“This is the largest single-phase increase ever implemented by the Turks and Caicos Islands government,” said Anya Williams, Head of the Public Service and Deputy Governor during the December 4 National Press Conference.

The Education Ministry got $3.9 million of the $18 million dollar budget for 374 workers.

The Health Ministry got $1.8 million of the budget for 173 Health Workers.

The Frontline Workers got $3.2 million of the budget for 378 workers and $1.7 million for 209 Senior Frontline Officers.

Police Officers got $1.4 million of the budget for 317 workers and Support Staff got 800,000 for 117 workers in that category.

Provo Allowances, Duty Allowances, and Child and Professional Allowances will all be added to the salaries of qualifying workers along with their increases. Williams broke down the increases by percentage and gave examples of what the salaries in each sector would look like across 11 levels or grades of staff from lowest to highest.


Trained teacher’s salaries will increase –  12.8 percent

Graduate Teachers –  25 percent for a base pay of $48,320 yearly

Heads of Department – 29.9 percent for base pay of  $56,037 yearly

Vice Principals – 42 percent $66,610 yearly

Principals – 57.1 percent $79,178 yearly

Williams said with this sizable shift, Turks and Caicos Educators are now among the highest-paid in the region.


Community Health Aides –  28.9 percent

Community Mental Health Nurse – 28.6 percent

Registered Community Health Nurse – 27.4 percent

Registered Nurse Midwife –  20.8 percent

Medical Officers – 22.9 percent

Along with their increase, Health workers will get a new pay grade structure

Frontline Staff 

Staff in Grade Five (Immigration, Customs, Prison, Fire, Road Safety, Fisheries) will get an increase of 28.3 percent for a basic salary of $38,691 plus additional allowances for immigration

Senior Frontline Officers (Grade 6) –  22.5 percent increase for a base pay of $46,992


District Constables – 18.8 percent increase

Constables – 12.2 percent for a base pay of $37,748

Sergeants – 12.8 percent for a base pay of  $49,528

Inspectors – 12.6 percent for a base pay of $56,037

Asst Superintendent 13.6 percent for a base pay of $63,400

Superintendents – 17.7 percent for a base pay of  $73525

The increases are in addition to raises and allowances given just last year.

Support Staff  

Support staff (Grade 4) including administrative assistants get a 27.3 percent increase for a base pay of $32,550.


The four employees classified as Grade two (2) staff will get a 40 percent increase and the 37 staff in Grade three (3)including Clerical Assistants get a 38.7 percent increase.

Additionally, 123 Senior Staff in Grade seven (7) will get a 19.1 percent increase; 93 staff in Grade eight (8)16.5 percent increase; 67 staff in Grade nine (9)  receive a 13.9% pay increase. Also, 34 staff in Grade 10 will receive a 13.8 percent pay increase.

The Members of the House of Assembly also got an undisclosed increase.

The National press conference was watched well by well over 700 viewers who left almost 500 comments in the space of an hour, the vast majority were extremely pleased with the announcements, especially the new pay scale for teachers.

Initially, the objectives of the pay and grade  review were to:

  • Create a proper pay and grading system
  • To create a reward-based system
  • To ensure pay is equitable
  • To ensure that overall pay levels, structure of payment, and terms and conditions are competitive
  • To create a sustainable system within the budget
  • To ensure the system is transparent and fair

With the increase in size and level of responsibility of the public service salaries were found to be far too low.

“The current levels of pay in the public service [were not] commensurate with the roles that staff play or with resident living conditions,” Williams said. The report also found that pay for public sector employees was ‘Significantly lower than other government statutory bodies, the private sector, and the region’ resulting in the welcome increase.


Ministry of Home Affairs, Public Safety and Utilities and Telecommunications proudly Commissions the Yellow Wing



Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, 21st February 2024 – The long-awaited completion and commissioning of the Yellow Wing at the Department of Correctional Services took place in Grand Turk yesterday.

The event was attended by a number of Government functionaries; including Her Excellencies, the Governor and Deputy Governor, Ms. Dileeni Daniel-Selvaratnam and Mrs. Anya Williams respectively, the Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Hon. Charles Washington Misick, Attorney General, Hon. Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles, as well as the Minister for Home Affairs, Public Safety and Utilities and Telecommunication’s Commission, Hon. Otis Morris.

Hon. Josephine Connolly, Minister for Tourism, Permanent Secretaries, Mrs. Bridgette Newman, Mr. James Astwood and Mr. Miquel Swann, newly appointed interim Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chris Eyre, Chaplains of the HoA and the Prison, along with staff of the Public Works Department, Department of Correctional Services and Olympic Construction were also in attendance.

The reconstruction of the Yellow Wing commenced in May 2020, following destruction of the building by fire in 2019.

The ceremony was chaired by Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Clyde Greene. Among the officials who brought remarks, were, the Superintendent, the Minister, the Deputy Governor, the Premier and the Governor; all of whom expressed their delight in being able to participate in and witness the commissioning.

In his remarks, the Superintendent of the Department of Correctional Services, Mr. Michael Woodbine expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Government and Ministry for the additional funding received by the Department, to assist with the resolution of a number of longstanding issues.

He went on to note, “The key function of the prison is not only to protect the public by keeping those who pose a risk out of society, but it also has a wider role to play in supporting law enforcement”

He further highlighted some of the Department’s community activities, support given in various areas and his department’s plans for the year.

The Minister for Home Affairs, Public Safety and Utilities and Telecommunication’s Commission, Hon. Otis Morris in his remarks stated, “Today marks a significant milestone, as we gather to celebrate the completion of the Yellow Wing. This project has been a collaborative effort; which demonstrated my Government’s commitment to providing a safer and more humane environment for inmates and staff alike.” 

Hon. Morris went on to note that the improvements made to the Yellow Wing would not only enhance the living conditions for inmates but would also contribute to the overall rehabilitation and well-being of those in the Department’s care.

In conclusion, he encouraged all to continue to work together to uphold the highest standards of safety, security and rehabilitation within our correctional facilities.

Following the hand-over of the keys, cutting of the ribbon and blessing of the building; attendees were treated to a Control and Restraint mock exercise to remove a non-compliant and violent person from a cell.

The team demonstrated the manner in which they calmly manage these very difficult situations, trying their best to de-escalate the person’s heightened mood and aggression. The Exercise was well received and the team was highly commended for their negotiation and team work skills.

The ceremony ended with the Vote of Thanks by the Deputy Superintendent Mr. Raymond Grant.

The Department of Correctional Services with the of support of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Infrastructure Development will continue the upgrade of the facilities at the Department of Correctional Services with the works to the Blue and Green wings.

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Deputy Premier Spot on, TCI TODAY Removed from EU Blacklist



Deandrea Hamilton


#TurksandCaicosIslands – February 20, 2024Sixteen months after being added to the European Union’s Black List for non-cooperative tax jurisdictions, the Turks and Caicos Islands is now off that list.

“Today,the Council removed The Bahamas, Belize, Seychelles and Turks and Caicos Islands from the list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes.”

The release explicitly states that in the case of the Turks and Caicos and The Bahamas, “ever since October 2022, deficiencies in the enforcement of economic substance requirements had been identified in both of these jurisdictions by the OECD Forum of Harmful Tax Practices (FHTP).”

It was recommended for remedy to the deficiencies has now been “converted from hard to soft recommendations,” said the statement.

That pivot was fundamental in the de-listing of the two countries said the information from the Council.

“…which allowed the Code of Conduct Group to consider these jurisdictions with no or only a nominal corporate income tax.”

When Magnetic Media spoke to E. Jay Saunders, Turks and Caicos Deputy Premier and Finance Minister in March 2023 he had full confidence that it was only a matter of time before the TCI was given a more favourable position with the EU. 

“There is no question about it. I’m confident that by February 2024, we will be off the list– I’m completely confident and there are no lasting repercussions.”   

 It had been sub-par computer systems that landed the TCI on the list.  The Deputy Premier, at the time offered that the EU was being too dramatic and its language, disproportionate surrounding the issue. 

That black listing and gray listing is often viewed as a black eye in the financial services sector, therefore this announcement today is vindication for the TCI and a huge plus for the Fintech ambitions of the Misick-led government.

 Twelve others remain with the unsavory categorization including Caribbean neighbours: Trinidad and Tobago; US Virgin Islands; Anguilla and Antigua and Barbuda.

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Repatriation and Security, how TCIG spent the money



Dana Malcolm 

Staff Writer 

#TurksandCaicosIslands, February 14, 2024 – Repatriation and other exportation costs are 66 percent higher for the first three quarters of the 2023/24 financial year (April to December) than they were in the same period of the 2022/33 year. 

The Q3 Financial Report tabled in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, February 6 revealed the cost of recurrent expenditure items including Repatriation.

Around $4.08 million was spent to send irregular migrants back home between April and December 2023. The figure does not include the interceptions between January and March 2023, those would have been counted as a part of the previous financial year. Total costs will be revealed in April of 2024 when the current financial year ends. For Q3 alone (October to December) $1.264 million was spent on these costs, $532,000 more than was spent in Q3 of the previous financial year. 

The already large figure comes as no surprise to residents who have been dealing with recurring instances of migrants landing on their shores and running through their yards all year. 

Conversely, the government drastically underspent the cash budgeted for security expenses with only $579,000 used from $1.4 million for the October to December quarter. It was in line with the trend seen all year as, only $1.6 million of the budgeted $2.9 million was spent between April and December.

Other than salaries, Social Welfare was the highest cost factor for recurrent expenditure with $1.8 spent in Q3 alone and $5.9 million for all three quarters combined. 

As for non recurrent expenditure, the SIPT trial and land purchases cost the government the most amount of cash, $1.6 million in Q3 alone and $5 million over all three quarters. 

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