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Police Action League Boys Basketball Championships 2023 Concludes with incredible Buzzer beaters



Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, September 11, 2023 – The Police Action League (PAL) Boys Basketball Championships 2023 gave fans and families an exciting show to culminate the two-month season. On September 9th the joint partnership between the TCI Sports Commission, Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force in association with the TCI Basketball Federation hosted the third place and championship games.
Across 13U, 15U and 17U, Skyhawks have been a standout team, being the only team to appear in the championships for each age category. These teams were coached by Ludens Dorcius and Lofton Seymour who along with all other coaches volunteered their time to mentor the players for eight weeks.
Third Place Game: Avengers 29 – Commanders 28
Championship Game: Guardians 36 – Skyhawks 31
Most Points – Deshawn Missick
Most Rebounds – Abraham Smith
Most Steals – Deshawn Missick
Most Defensive Player – Marvens Berthier
Most Valuable Player (League MVP) – Deshawn Missick
3rd Place – Avengers
2nd Place – Skyhawks 
1st Place – Guardians 
Championship MVP – Deshawn Missick
Third Place Game: Avengers 46 – Badgers 40
Championship Game: Commanders 46 – Skyhawks 44
Most Points – Doudly Santana

Most Rebounds – Dashawn Lightbourne
Most Steals – Love Joseph
Most Defensive Player – Dashawn Lightbourne
Most Valuable Player (League MVP) – Dashawn Lightbourne
3rd Place – Avengers
2nd Place – Skyhawks 
1st Place – Commanders
Championship MVP – Dashawn Lightbourne
Third Place Game: Guardians 38 – Commanders 23
Championship Game: Skyhawks 44 – Seaquest 43
Most Points – Leroy Hyman

Most Rebounds – Kelvin Talbot
Most Steals – Malachi Missick
Most Defensive Player – Kelvin Talbot
Most Valuable Player (League MVP) – Emrike Doceus
3rd Place – Guardians 
2nd Place – Seaquest
1st Place – Skyhawks 
Championship MVP – Malachi Missick
13U & 15U Coaches
Avengers – Kevin Harvey & Kenneth Grant
Badgers – Ladonna Bassett & Delton ‘Biggy’ Robinson
Guardians – Danord Handfield & Emileo Ariza
Seaquest – Ciaran O’Neill & Jerome Caley
Commanders – Alvardo Parker & Darado Fulford
Skyhawks – Ludens Dorcius & Lofton Seymour
17U Coaches
Guardians – Walken Gedeon & Trevante Garland
Seaquest – Anthony Cash
Avengers – Kevin Harvey & Kenneth Grant
Badgers – Ladonna Bassett & Delton ‘Biggy’ Robinson
Commanders – Alvardo Parker & Darado Fulford
Skyhawks – Ludens Dorcius & Lofton Seymour
The Turks and Caicos Islands School Sports(TCISS) season opens this September and Inter-High School Basketball will span from November 2023 – January 2024. As PAL players are drafted to teams, many of these players will face each other again, bearing a different name on their chest and representing their school. 
The TCISS 2023/24 season is expected to be bigger than last year with students being more engaged in training and utilising the TCI Sports Commission’s sports performance facilities.
Police Action League Girls Softball Championships kick off this Saturday.
On September 9th, the softball semi-finals also took place, where the Avengers defeated the Skyhawks 16-15.
The Avengers will now go head to head with the Badgers at the PAL Girls Softball Championships this weekend, with the opening ceremony starting at 2 p.m. at the Downtown Ballpark. Fans are welcome to fill the stands, with tickets at the booth Adults $5 Children $3. The game will also be live-streamed on the TCI Sports Commission Facebook page.
For the latest news and updates on the Police Action League, fans can follow the league on Instagram (@policeactionleague) and Facebook (Police Action League). To share your experience with PAL, use the hashtag #PALeague. 

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‘Ripple Effect’: Turks and Caicos Sports Commission set to release short film following the life of a female sprinter



May 21, 2024


The Turks and Caicos Islands Sports Commission (TCISC) is set to release a short film about a female sprinter titled Ripple Effect. This film follows the life of Anita Been-Brown who is arduously preparing to compete in the CARIFTA Games while her life at home, paves a dangerous road to destruction. Ripple Effect is not just a story of track and field. It humanizes the experience of athletes while beaming a spotlight on the dangers gun violence dispels in Caribbean communities.

This film was dependably created by students 14-21 years old in the TCI, who are enrolled in the TCISC’s early careers sports media programme Project I.D.E.A. Media Club. So far the trailer has amassed over 38,000 views on Facebook and Instagram among our islands and is looking to shake things up on the big screen. This short film will be premiered on Saturday, June 15th, at the Inspiring Change: Transforming Lives Through Sports event. The proceeds of this event will be in aid of the Athlete Development Fund and the Project I.D.E.A. Media Club. In addition, a mini-documentary on the Police Action League will premiere before the film screening. The event will consist of a cocktail reception, dinner, and entertainment.

The sole purpose of this event is to raise funds for these two initiatives, and by purchasing a ticket each contribution helps to push these initiatives forward, making each person a donor. Each table has seating of up to 10 people of your choice for $2000 and individual tickets are also available at $225. To reserve a table, purchase a ticket, or receive further information, please email Calvina Andrews at

Watch the trailer for the short film here: 



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Concacaf x Generation Amazing, Turks and Caicos Islands Launch



#TurksandCaicos, May 2, 2024 – Thursday, April 25, 2024, marked a momentous occasion for The Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association with the launch of the Concacaf x Generation Amazing Program. This program, supported by the Turks and Caicos Islands Ministry of Education, is currently benefiting 21 public and private primary schools across the Turks and Caicos Islands, encompassing both sectors of education. The primary objective of the Generation Amazing program is to educate and certify teachers to serve as volunteer coaches in sports development and safeguarding practices. Through this training, coaches will deliver football programs to children, aiming to catalyze positive social change within our communities that will continue to thrive for years to come..

The program not only emphasizes teaching children the basics of football but also focuses on instilling core values like teamwork, respect, and leadership. The initiative offers children the chance to enhance their physical well-being while nurturing essential life skills that can contribute to success beyond the field.

TCIFA President, Sonia Fulford, conveyed her appreciation to Concacaf, Generation Amazing, and the Ministry of Sports of the Turks and Caicos Islands for their involvement and support. She highlighted the significance of the project, pointing up a positive impact on the Education Ministry. Generation Amazing’s initiative is also seen as a valuable opportunity to enhance both the educational and athletic aspects within the community. “We’ll have more well-rounded teachers, and well-rounded students, not only from an educational standpoint, but a sporting standpoint. For us it’s a big win!” The President expressed excitement for the project, foreseeing an increase in skilled players and coaches, ultimately benefiting the organization significantly.

Jarret Forbes, Director of Sports, commented, “We are excited about the launch of the Generation Amazing programme here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. We commend the TCIFA for taking a holistic approach to student empowerment through sports. And we are grateful for the interest and support from CONCACAF and the Department of Education in developing our young athletes.”

Alvin Parker, Deputy Director of Sports, also expressed his enthusiasm regarding the upcoming chance for educators to apply their acquired knowledge. Viewing the term ‘Generation Amazing’ as a rebranding concept for Generation X, it is with high anticipation that the program will inspire and instill optimism within the younger demographic.

A devoted team collaborated diligently to ensure the successful initiation of the program. Spearheading the launch for Concacaf were Jennifer Roche, the Concacaf CSR Coordinator; Andre Virtue, Concacaf Coach Educator; Cristian Cubillas; and Garry Stannecc, the Sport For Development Consultant for Concacaf. The local facilitators comprised Dane Ritchie, TCIFA Technical Director; Olivia Graveley, Director of the Grand Turk Football Program; Yunelsis Rodriguez Baez, Director of Women’s Football; and Damien Grant, TCIFA Coach Educator and South Caicos Football Development Officer. The launch encompassed a comprehensive two-day training session for teachers, which will be followed by a mandatory six-week program involving a minimum of 25 students from each school. The program’s execution will be supervised by our Local Facilitators in with the support of Generation Amazing staff. Furthermore, the program will offer support to schools by furnishing footballs and essential equipment.

Jennifer Roche elaborated on Concacaf’s emphasis on Social Impact strategies, highlighting the significance of extending focus beyond on-field activities. “Last year, our CSR brand, ’The Bigger Game’ launched and the ‘Generation Amazing’ Program is one of the programs under the pillars of access to play and coaches education. This program is focused heavily on capacity building and giving tools to teachers, community volunteers, and other community leaders to empower and change lives through our beautiful game.”

Andre Virtue commented, “Obviously, we see the sport and the opportunity it has to grow. But, at the core of it is the coaches and how the coaches engage with our youth. We see the social issues that our youth already have to deal with on a day to day basis, and the dependence on either the parent or some adult to guide them and to mentor them is assumed. And, there is an intentional approach to how we’re communicating life values as it is very important.” Distinguishing between athletic prowess and life skills, Andre indicated that Coach Educating initiative aims to bridge this gap by aligning sports experiences with essential life lessons. The football field, as a dynamic environment, serves as a valuable classroom where the intricacies of life are intertwined with the game’s dynamics. “There are so many things that happen on the football field that are connected to life. The game is a great teacher, but there is an intentional and deliberate attempt to teach those values. It’s just the winning, the losing, the ups and the downs that come out of the game.”

Dane Ritchie further explained that the program also adopts a personalized approach, focusing on individual needs rather than viewing the children as a collective group, thereby maximizing the positive impact on each child. The aspects of conflict resolution, and nurturing respect are deemed integral to the game and are leveraged to impart essential life skills crucial for their development.

CherylAnn Jones, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, and Social Services, communicated the Ministry’s unwavering support for the Concacaf x Generation Amazing program and its potential to bring about significant transformation. The Ministry’s ethos, centered on Human Capital Development, resonates strongly with initiatives like Generation Amazing, which focus on nurturing leadership qualities, teamwork, and community spirit among today’s youth for the benefit of future generations. “A key tenant of the Generation Amazing program is its emphasis on child safeguarding and so this program aligns with our policy of ensuring that children learn, grow and develop confidently in a safe and nurturing environment. We are delighted to be partners with Concacaf and TCIFA, and applaud these organizations and their continued programs among our young people. We also applaud our principals, physical education teachers, and coaches who will be trained as facilitators in our schools to implement the program, as well as the Sports Commission. We believe that that commitment through football will create positive change.”


For more information, please contact TCIFA Office Manager | Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Candia Ewing at 941-5532 or


TCIFA National Academy

Venetian Road 


Turks and Caicos Islands 

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Bahamas News




World Relays to be title sponsored by BTC, one of C&W’s local brands


In just a few days, athletes from over fifty countries will converge in The Bahamas for the BTC World Athletic Relays Bahamas 24. C&W Communications, the parent company of BTC, is proud to be associated with this major event, which will see athletes from The Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago competing for a place in the upcoming Olympic games in Paris.

Inge Smidts, CEO of C&W Communications, who also serves as Chair of the BTC Board of Directors will be in the stands to witness the highly anticipated relays. Smidts says, this was an event that she simply could not miss. “We are proud to support our Caribbean athletes, and we wish them well as they vie for a spot in the Olympic games.

The relays will be held one of in our markets, The Bahamas, and we are honoured to be the title sponsor of the event. The world relays represent the spirit of relentless courage and the willingness to succeed of the Caribbean people and of our business. Through partnerships like this we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to connect communities and change lives.”

In addition to its sponsorship of the event, Smidts says it was important that athletes, officials, and fans stayed connected during the games. “As a business we are focused on ensuring that our customers have access to faster, stronger, and more reliable connectivity, and we worked with our partners to make certain that athletes and guests remain connected.

We have offered e-sim cards, and we also worked with the major hotels to set up care centers to ensure that we address any connectivity concerns on the spot. Additionally, I am pleased to announce that BTC will provide free Wi-Fi at the stadium giving patrons and athletes the opportunity to share every riveting moment.”

BTC has hosted a special event just for the Caribbean athletes, at the newly renovated Queen’s Staircase in Nassau, a recently renovated historic landmark visited by thousands of tourists each day. This event gave athletes the opportunity to unwind, mingle, and to learn more about each other right before the competition.

This is the fourth time that BTC and its parent company C&W Communications have title sponsored the world relays. The BTC World Athletic Relays will be held at the Thomas A. Robinson Track & Field Stadium from May 4-5, under the theme, “Chase the Sun, from Paradise to Paris.”

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