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TCIG Public Service Salaries to be Reviewed



#TurksandCaicos, May 19, 2023 – The Office of the Deputy Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands is pleased to announce that a contract has recently been signed with Ernst and Young (Kingston, Jamaica) to undertake a wholistic review of Public Service salaries in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

A total of Six (6) bids were received through open tender for this work, with Ernst and Young having been selected as the preferred bidder.

The review includes developing the following objectives and execution of deliverables:


  • The Pay and Grading Policy, including criteria for allowances
  • Job Description Template and Guidelines for Completion
  • Job Evaluation Committee Terms of Reference
  • Grade Level Standards for Job Evaluation and Grading
  • Grade levels for jobs
  • Grades, Pay Points and Pay Rates
  • Compensation Market Survey


  • Deliverable 1 – Execution Plan:This shall detail the approach to meeting the objectives of the project/initiative, including initial scoping, assumptions, work plan, methodology, literature review, timelines and a stakeholder engagement plan.
  • Deliverable 2 – Full Draft Report of the Proposed Pay and Grading System: This shall clearly and concisely present a full draft of the proposed Pay and Grading System with Strategic Considerations for review.
  • Deliverable 3 – Final Report – Proposed TCI Public Service Pay and Grading System: This shall present the final and agreed Report, taking into account feedback from the Draft Report Briefing session as well as comments and feedback from key stakeholders.

A initial envelope of 2.5 million has been budgeted in the 2023/2024 Budget in order to facilitate the first phase of the implementation of the anticipated recommendations in December 2023, with additional funds being budgeted as necessary.

Acting Governor and Head of the Public Service Her Excellency Anya Williams in commenting on the Public Service Pay and Grading Review stated:

“The Public Service plays a vital role in ensuring that the objectives of the government are met, that approved policies are implemented and that services are carried out on behalf of the government for the benefit of its residents and visitors.

The last comprehensive Public Service Pay and Grading Review in the Turks and Caicos Islands was undertaken in 2012 and was implemented in 2014.

Since then the Public Service received a 2.5% across the board salary increase in 2016 and a 4% across the board salary increase in 2022, along with a 6% fully funded investment by the Government in 2022 in the new TCIG Pension and Gratuity Program.

As the demands and expectations of the Public Service continues to expand, alongside increased costs of living due to inflation and other factors, it is important that Public Service salaries are comprehensively reviewed to ensure that staff are appropriately compensated for the work that they do.

My office looks forward to working with Ernst and Young on this key initiative.

A kickoff meeting was held on April 21, 2023 ahead of the official commencement of the contract on April 24, 2023 to finalize the schedule of works. Subsequently, follow up meetings are held once a week, every Monday.

On island works are expected to commence on May 15, 2023, when the consultants are expected to travel to the islands to not only collect additional data, but to also meet in person with key agencies such as the Civil Service Association, Police, Education, Health and other sectors.

The work is expected to be carried out over the course of the next 6 months, with the final report and recommendations expected to be completed in November 2023, followed by the first phase of implementation depending on the recommendations in December 2023.

As we work to continue to improve not only service delivery, but also the salary and working conditions of staff across government, my office is grateful to the Government for the financial support provided and looks forward to delivering on this key initiative for the benefit of the Public Service of the Turks and Caicos Islands.”

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Caribbean News

Kezzia Hamilton appointed as Director of Human Resources



#TurksandCaicos, May 30, 2023 – The Office of the Deputy Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Kezzia Hamilton to the post of Director of the Human Resource Management Directorate (HRMD) within the Office of the Deputy Governor.

A native of Grand Turk, Ms. Hamilton received her tertiary-level education and training from the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College. She obtained an Associate’s Degree in Business Studies and a Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management there.

Her career with the Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) began in 2000 as a Clerical Officer with the Public Works Department, and she later transitioned to the HRMD in 2013 as a Human Resource Officer. In 2019, after completing her second degree, Ms. Hamilton was appointed Senior Human Resource Officer, where she focused on HR statistics, maintained various databases, and managed the documents required for payroll and employee contracts. Ms. Hamilton’s hard work and dedication resulted in her appointment as Deputy Director of HRMD in March of 2022 and her successful appointment as the Director of HRMD, effective 1 June 2023. She is pursuing a Master’s in Human Resource Management from Arden University.

Ms. Hamilton was the beneficiary of many training opportunities, including various trainings with the Caribbean Development Bank and attending the Society of Human Resource Management Conference in 2017.

Ms. Hamilton, in commenting on her appointment, stated:

I am beyond thankful to God for making all things possible and to those around me who’ve contributed to molding me into the professional I am today. As I embark on this new role as Director of Human Resources, I will continue to put my best foot forward in, not only contributing toward the goals of the Office of the Deputy Governor but the successful management of the Human Resource Management Directorate by upholding the standards of the Public Service at large.”

Acting Governor and Head of the Public Service, Her Excellency Anya Williams, in extending congratulatory remarks to Ms. Hamilton, stated:

“As Director, Ms. Hamilton is tasked with overseeing, coordinating, and leading the public service recruitment process. Ms. Hamilton will also play an integral role in establishing our e-jobs platform, the ongoing pay and grading review, and other priority objectives in the Office of the Deputy Governor.”

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Caribbean News

Bridgette Newman appointed as Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Public Safety & Utilities



#TurksandCaicos, May 30, 2023 – The Office of Deputy Governor is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Bridgette Newman to the post of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Safety and Utilities, effective 1 June 2023.

Boasting a public service career spanning some twenty-eight-plus years, Mrs. Newman began teaching at the Ona Glinton Primary School in September 1992. Following a ten-year tenure in the classroom, she moved into the mainstream of Government, where she was appointed Chief Information Officer within the Ministry of Communications, Works and Utilities. Shortly after that, she served as the Under Secretary within that ministry before being transferred to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration and Labour. In 2011, Mrs. Newman was afforded the privilege of becoming the Cabinet Secretary and then Secretary to the Advisory Council during the Interim Administration.

Mrs. Newman stepped away from the service for two years. During that time, she completed a Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership with merit from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom.

Recognizing that there was much more to contribute to the public service and her country, Mrs. Newman rejoined the service in October 2015 as Head of the Secretariat within the Ministry of Home Affairs. She was promoted to Deputy Permanent Secretary in January 2016 within the same ministry. Moreover, 2020 saw the transfer of Mrs. Newman to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing, Planning and Development. It thus began what Mrs. Newman describes as her most productive, meaningful, and impactful assignment since rejoining the public service.

During her time with the ministry, now Physical Planning and Infrastructure Development (PPID), Mrs. Newman benefitted from several training programs with the Caribbean Development Bank, including Project Management and Public Policy Analysis. She also acted in the position of Permanent Secretary on numerous occasions. She had the opportunity to lead the team at a critical time, which would have been during the country’s preparation, impact, and recovery following the passage of Hurricane Fiona in September 2022.

When commenting on her appointment, Mrs. Newman stated:

I look forward to this new challenge as I continue my quest to make a difference in my country.

I pause to thank the Almighty, the head of my life, and then to say to my husband and son and my entire support system how grateful I am for their continuous love and support. I will continue to make you all proud.”

Acting Governor and Head of the Public Service, Her Excellency Anya Williams, in extending congratulatory remarks to Mrs. Newman, stated:

“As a part of our effort to improve productivity, efficiency, and, most importantly, delivery across the public service, a decision was taken during this year’s budgeting process to split the former Ministry of Home Affairs, Public Safety and Utilities (which had responsibility for 18 departments) into two ministries: (1) the Ministry of Home Affairs and Transportation and (2) the Ministry of Public Safety and Utilities. This decision resulted in the addition of a new Permanent Secretary post.”

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Caribbean News

UK Parliament approves agreements to tune of $12.3 Million



By Dana Malcolm 

Staff Writer 



May 30, 2023 – Two £10 million pound allotments ($12.3 million) for security and the environment were only a small part of the agreements made between the United Kingdom and the Overseas Territories recently.

The countries have revealed in detail what transpired at the Joint Ministerial Council on May 11th – 12th, and highlights include promises of cash and more freedom and beefed up security. Included in the list of 29 agreements were:

Political Partnership

  • A reaffirmation of the right of self-determination for the peoples of the Territories.
  • UK support for requests for the removal of the countries (who wish it) from the United Nations list of non-self- governing Territories.

Irregular Migration 

  • Over £10 million earmarked to support OT law enforcement and border security capability and capacity building.
  • Acknowledgement of the irregular-migration challenges that some Overseas Territories are facing, including as a result of the current situation in Haiti, and a commitment to exploring options to increase support.

Economic Resilience

  • A commitment to meeting the reasonable needs of Territories where financial self-sufficiency is not possible, as the Overseas Territories continue to have the first call on the aid budget.
  • Discussions regarding access to concessional financing,
  • A brand new ministerial-level annual dialogue focused on tackling illicit finance, to be first held in the British Virgin Islands.

The Environment

  • £10 million per year until 2025 for applicants to Darwin Plus;
  • Commitment to prioritise climate change actions in UK funding.
  • A new joint UK Overseas Territories Biodiversity Strategy.
  • Technical support for OT’s in climate change.
  • A commitment to exploring ways to ensure that funding for the Overseas Territories is not cut short as a result of loss of access to EU environment funding.

Maritime and shipping 

  • Commitment to strengthening maritime capabilities in the territories and recognise the need for future investment by promoting defined career pathways and supporting those wishing to work in this essential industry.
  •  Collaboration on ensuring effective maritime security within the Territories.


  • Commitment to resolving problems with the process for issuance of visas for students with British Overseas Territories Citizenship to study in the UK.

In addition to that, the UK Parliament has unanimously passed a motion to defend the sovereignty and borders of Overseas Territories from foreign powers among other promises following this year’s Joint Ministerial Council Meeting.

The revelation was shared by the office of Alicia Kearns MP, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee on Friday May 12th. Communication passed on to the residents of the TCI by the Office of the Premier, explained that following a Backbench Business Debate on the future of the OT’s  including the Turks and Caicos, UK politicians formally agreed to the following:

‘This House is committed to upholding the interests of British Overseas Territories and their citizens; recognises the special historical, cultural, and social bonds that bind the United Kingdom and Overseas Territories; and calls upon the Government to ensure that British Overseas Territories citizens’ rights as British citizens are upheld, to defend the sovereignty and borders of Overseas Territories from foreign powers, and to consider the unique circumstances of each Territory when formulating policies which affect them.’

The formal commitment solidifies the bare minimum of what the Overseas Territories have been asking of the United Kingdom for years, and now the UK must put it into practice with funding and laws. It is only immediate tangible support of this commitment, that will truly benefit residents across the OT’s and validate the UKs claim to treating them as equal British Citizens.

Kearns’ Office said the OT’s have the genuine support of Members of Parliament as MPs from across the House urged the Government to ensure that the JMC was a success, and that OTs are listened to, and their requests acted on.

Kearns herself said she was “Full of optimism for the future of British OTs,” following the meeting.

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