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Grand Turk H J Stallions rugby team travel to Providenciales and have a successful tournament



#TurksandCaicos, April 6, 2023 – In a calibration with the HJ Robinson High school and the Turks and Caicos Rugby Football Union, Aussie Dickenson has for 11 years run an after-school rugby project, which has produced players who have gone on to represent the Turks and Caicos Islands at international level. The project is more than playing rugby, it’s about values and how we apply those values to become better and successful people in our communities.

This year’s trip was supported by the Ministry of home affairs, who stepped in at the eleventh hour and funded the hotel accommodation and food for the weekend. This is another excellent example of the community engagement and support by investing in our children and the future.

This year 21 children and 5 chaperones made the trip over to compete. A mixture of girls and boys playing in two teams, under 15’s and under 18’s. The children had trained hard for over two months, three evenings a week to develop the skills and understanding of the game.

We departed Grand Turk on Friday afternoon and after our evening meal, a trip to the super market to buy treats and goodies, we checked into the Lodgings hotel and settled down for the evening, resting up ready for match day!

Saturday morning we arrived at the rugby ground, registered and once we had set up camp, the children split into their respective teams and with allocated coaches set about running through drills and warming up for action. Both teams competed in a league competition, then in to a set of finals, where both teams came away with trophies!! What a fantastic performance. As coaches, we saw the players play some exciting and competitive games, putting the training in to action on the pitch.

Following our return to the hotel, sometime relaxing and playing games in the pool we headed out for dinner and an evening of relaxing. It was great to see all of the children having a great time and socializing well as a group. All of the children encompass everything that is great about rugby as a sport and they have all shown that the values of rugby, integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect reach further than just on the pitch, they become values in everyday life.

After a good night’s sleep, we packed up early Sunday morning and headed back to Grand Turk. We are having a break over Easter and then we will be back on the Parade ground Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

I am new to the Turks and Caicos Islands, arriving here just before last Christmas. I have played rugby for 44 years. I’ve coached and referred and was actively involved in my rugby club back home in the UK. It is a real pleasure for me to help Aussie and coach the children, and I get a great sense of purpose in sharing my love of such a great sport.

On behalf of all the children involved, I want to thank the Turks and Caicos RFU for organizing the tournament, the Ministry of home affairs for their fantastic support, the Department of correction and rehabilitation, especially Meshelle Jennings for organizing the logistics, Coach David and the female chaperones for their help and the and of course to thank Aussie Dickenson for his tremendous commitment to the children and the sport of rugby.

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Campus Brawl at Clement Howell High sends students to Hospital



Dana Malcolm 
Staff Writer 

Three boys were injured and visitation at the Cheshire Hall Medical Center in Providenciales was suspended for about 18 hours following a school brawl on Wednesday afternoon at the Clement Howell High.

“At Clement Howell High School, the safety and well-being of our students are of utmost priority. We are taking this incident very seriously and are currently conducting a thorough investigation to ascertain the root cause and circumstances that led to this regrettable situation,” The Ministry of Education said in a press release Thursday Morning.

It followed reports of a large fight that began to come in early Wednesday morning with residents reporting not just the police but the presence of an ambulance on school grounds.

By 2 p.m. communication came from the TCI Hospital that they had suspended visitation; an action usually reserved for the aftermath of violent events.

The hospital did not say why it was closing its doors, only indicating that it was for the safety of its patients and staff as well as their families.

The Ministry cleared up some of what had happened in their statement indicating that the injured students, one 15 -year-old and two 16-year-olds, had been  taken to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre for treatment.

“Contrary to reports circulating on social media, there were no further incidents at the hospital, however, as a standard precautionary measure, the hospital went on lockdown mode,” it said.

When Magnetic Media contacted the police around 4 p.m. Wednesday to find out what caused the ruckus they told us they were still on scene. Speaking to media later on they revealed the cause of the fight was still unknown but that they were using video evidence and interviews to piece it together.

Videos, shot by students, were shared with the news team, showing the extent of the fighting.

In them a large knot of boys is seen in multiple videos, some throwing punches, some kicking and pushing and some others trying in vain to separate their schoolmates. A lone white clad individual, possibly a security guard, is dragged along in the melee of fighting teens.  Some are seen brandishing what appears to be rocks, which could have been used as weapons.

There were several mobs where fights broke out; mostly boys but also girls involved.

By news production time, no news had come from police of any arrests made but the hospital resumed regular operations on Thursday morning around 9:30 a.m.

The brawl comes just weeks before the Reaching the Streets initiative which is aimed at tackling violence and criminal activities in teens and young adults.

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Caribbean News

Senior Teacher Endorses Robot to Assist in Educating Infant and Primary School Students



KINGSTON, April 17 (JIS):
Senior Teacher at Alpha Infant School, Sabrina Raymond-Hunter, has endorsed the ‘ICHEETAH’ robot, a smart educational AI-powered tool that will advance the way young children learn and interact with technology.
The robot, developed by CHEETAH Toys and More, LLC, is designed to engage and educate children at the infant and early-primary levels of education in a fun and interactive manner, supporting their cognitive development and preparing them for future academic success.
Speaking at a Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank on April 16, Mrs. Raymond-Hunter recognised the potential of this cutting-edge technology and its ability to enhance the learning experience for young children.
“I am really excited about this product. I was able to get this into my classroom of 23 students and they are super excited about this. We have had it for three weeks and this is a game changer,” she said.
The Senior Teacher, who also serves as the school’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Designate, added that the students’ learning has been enhanced since incorporating the technology into her teaching.
“It has enhanced it a lot because you know the boys, especially, once they are happy and find something that is fun, they will want to do it. My boys started off a little bit rocky, but since they got this robot, they are spelling, identifying words and reading,” she noted.
Having yielded positive results from utilising the technology, Mrs. Raymond-Hunter is encouraging other schools who are not yet on board to do so.
“I’m encouraging all the other schools to get on board, and if for any reason you need a demonstration, come to Alpha. I’ll show you exactly how we use it to get our students on board and on level with everyone else. Learning should be fun, and with iCHEETAH it definitely is,” she shared.
The robot is outfitted with several interactive features, including voice recognition, games, and educational content, making learning engaging and exciting for young learners.

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Caribbean News




KINGSTON, April 12 (JIS):

eLearning Jamaica Company Limited (e-LJAM) has partnered with local educational technology company, STEAMHouse, in hosting this year’s Crea+her Girls in ICT Hackathon, which began on April 11 and will end on April 16.

The virtual hackathon seeks to empower Caribbean girls aged 13 to 18 years to become leaders and accomplished professionals in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) industry.

Chief Executive Officer of e-LJAM, Andrew Lee, said the initiative allows participants to acquire skills through a hands-on approach.

“It is imperative that we actively engage girls to participate in STEM. Historically, girls have been under-represented in this field and, of course, this deprives us of diversity. Our females are extremely talented and when we include them, we get a broader perspective,” Mr. Lee told JIS News.

e-LJAM is the State agency with responsibility for promoting integration and infusion of technology in the public education system.

Founder of STEAMHouse, Godiva Golding, told JIS News that approximately 15 teams representing groups of three to five students signed up for the hackathon.

The participants are being guided to develop innovative solutions combining themes such as telecommunications, cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence, focusing on areas like education, environmental sustainability and preserving cultural heritage.


Hackathon to empower…2

Their prototypes will be evaluated on April 18 and the top-10 creations will be presented on April 25, which is being recognised as International Girls in ICT Day under the theme ‘Leadership’.

Ms. Golding is pleased to have e-LJAM as the title sponsor for the hackathon and other events around International Girls in ICT Day.

“We could not think of a better partner than e-LJAM. They have been at the forefront and have done great work over the years. Having a partner with the leadership of Mr. Lee on board is just the icing on top to ensure that this is a successful series of events,” Ms. Golding said.

A special school tour will also be conducted. At least 500 girls are expected to benefit from this programme, which will offer interactive sessions and networking opportunities with accomplished women leaders in the technology field.

Additionally, the participants will have the chance to develop vital skills, such as public speaking, strategic thinking, and confidence-building.


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