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By Dana Malcolm 

Staff Writer


#Qatar, December 19, 2022 – Argentina has done it; And Lionel Messi cements himself as one of the greatest of all time in the sport of football. In the stars now with Pele, Maradona and Ronaldinho he has led a World Cup team to championship; it was his first time. What will certainly go down as one of the greatest World Cup finals ever played ended with ‘Les Blues’ or the French and the defending title holders going home empty-handed but not without a fight.

Thanks to two beautiful goals from Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria, Argentina led nearly the entire match comfortably with a two nil cushion. But France’s Kylian Mbappé was not to be denied and a penalty after the 80th minute put them on the scoreboard; mere seconds later he slammed the ball into the net once again tying up the score in electrifying fashion. And just like that- with 10 minutes left in the game France became contenders for the Cup once again. It was a comeback for the ages all heralded in by the golden boot Mbappé

Argentine fans were shattered. The game went into double overtime but with only 10 minutes to go Lionel Messi pulled one out of his hat to put the game 3-2  And yet, Mbappé with another amazing play and a second lightning fast, unstoppable penalty kick and goal; the first hattrick in a World Cup final in more than 50 years tied it up AGAIN.

The final match in the 2022 FIFA World Cup,  staged in Qatar and opened on November 20 went into penalty shootout stage; the win belonging to the team with the most of five shots from the penalty mark.

Mbappé and Messi, the two men of the night, took the penalties first, both of them finding the goal.  France twice after that and never recovered. And with some brilliant goalkeeping from Emiliano Martinez and a touch of the ball from Gonzalo Montiel it was over.

Argentina and Lionel Messi continued to celebrate and in Buenos Aires the sound of victory was deafening.

Bahamas News

Get your laugh on, March On, family drama by Gea Pierre, debut this weekend in Turks and Caicos 



Dana Malcolm 

Staff Writer

After resounding success in the Bahamas, hit play ‘March On, The Story of Us’ has been inundated with requests to take their show on the road, and the first location they’ll be hitting is Providenciales Turks and Caicos with tickets on sale again this weekend, the show debuts Friday night.

Magnetic Media spoke to Gea Pierre, playwright, who told us the TCI was a natural first choice for the cast and crew where shows are set for Brayton Hall, for Friday May 10 at 8pm and Saturday has two showings; matinee at 4pm and evening, 8pm.

Tickets are $75 VIP. General admission is $60.

“We started ‘March On’ in November 2023 and it was really an opportunity for us to tell a story, the story of the Bahamas and to encompass the nations that we have an amazing relationship with like the Turks and Caicos,” she continued “We really got a lot of people calling [for the play] from [the TCI], so much so we really had to pay attentattention.

The response to ‘March On’ at home and abroad was overwhelming.

“To say it went well is an understatement, even before we opened we got calls from Canada, from all over the US with people wanting us to come and perform.”

And take the show on the road they did! Gea and her team have launched “March On: The Tour” and will be in Providenciales to perform on May 10th and 11th. It’s the first of a number of stops which include Nassau and several US locations.

Online tickets are available for purchase with credit cards. The full team returns on Friday, May 10 with the comedy production being held under the patronage of Washington Misick, TCI Premier and First Lady Delthia Misick.

Describing the close familial relationships between the TCI and the Bahamas, for many on the crew it will be like coming home Gea told us, for others it will be a treat to visit for the first time, the places that their grandparents described.

Gea maintained that the team wanted to keep the show as accessible to residents as possible.

As for why you should come out and see the play, other than the great price point:

“The way that people have responded to it is non stop laughter, people have been moved to tears because there’s some emotion. It does not only lend to Bahamians. It’s a family drama, and anyone who’s ever been a part of a family is going to get something out of it, and something moving.”



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Caribbean News

One Nation TCI Pageant to Launches this Weekend



Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer 

“Founded on the principles of Unity, sisterhood and community service,” is how Alicia Swann, One Nation TCI Founder, and President, describes the organization as it gears up for its inaugural showing, to be marked by a pageant and parade of nations, family fun day and cultural show. 

When Magnetic Media spoke to Swann she explained the inspiration behind the name.

“The reason why we chose ‘One Nation’ was because we wanted to ensure that all of our beautiful ladies within the Turks and Caicos feel as if they are a part of our society. Speaking with the ladies I’ve gotten the opinion that a lot of them feel as if they are in our country but they don’t actually feel fully a part of it,” she explained. With constants whose heritages span the DR and TCI, TC-Trinidadians and more the contest is showcasing the rich and diverse culture of the country.

At least two contestants flew in from the UK and the US to participate in the pageant and the event is not just an array of pretty girls.

“We’ve taken the aspects of pageantry to another level, the young ladies have a platform  based on our pillars of the organization which include education and mental health,” Swann continued “We wanted to ensure that they understand the value and importance of  having a role and voice in society.”

The contestants were all allowed to choose an area to speak on and advocate for, and the President told Magnetic Media that so far the young women are taking the challenge seriously. There are 10 contestants overall, five in the ‘Miss’ category and five in the ‘Teen’ category.

The pageant is already receiving regional recognition as the eventual winner has been invited to take part in a regional pageant in St Kitts in August, a feat which Swann says she is extremely proud of. 

In addition to that event a cultural showing, family fun day and parade of nations will be held. 

“We will be honoring people from across the Turks and Caicos, out of every island, for their lifetime achievement in terms of giving back to their society. The persons being honoured are unsung heroes. They have been active in their communities in various roles and we felt the need to recognize all of them.” Swann explained.

The Founder didn’t share the names of those being honoured, preferring to leave it a surprise but did drop hints about who would be highlighted during the event; a smiling clinic nurse in South Caicos, a Grand Turk Taxi driver committed to the island’s development, a dedicated principal from North Caicos, a shipping pioneer from North Caicos as well and a creative founder from Providenciales.

“Our company is huge on ensuring that the community is involved and a part of doing that is ensuring that persons in the community are honoured,” the president said.

Several sponsors have stepped up to the plate including 

No monetary support has come from TCIG but endorsements from both Rachel Taylor, Minister of Education, and Josephine Connolly, Minister of Tourism, have been shared and the girls are currently undergoing intense training with a pageant coach in preparation for their big night.

Swann is hoping that once the community has a chance to see what One Nation TCI is doing they’ll understand the importance of the events, 

“We are a diverse culture and society and– we want people to understand the importance of diversity, supporting our young ladies and empowering them so they can see they have a role in the Turks and Caicos– The more we offer our young ladies [the more] we are able to retain that talent. Once they feel empowered the sky’s the limit.”

The Pageant and Crowning will be on the 25 and 26th of April while the parade and family fun day will be held on the 27th.

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Caribbean News

Caribbean Minister’s Song Gone Viral



Rashaed Esson

Staff Writer

#FindMeHere#Viral, April 1, 2024 – With over 940 million streams and counting, the new year anthem “Find Me Here” by Trinidadian Minister and gospel reggae singer Sherwin Gardner, has been going viral. Gardner, 45 years old, in an interview with CBN News, expressed he didn’t expect his song to go big as it was just a personal prayer.


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