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Brandon Rahming shot dead by Police in Dock Yard Operation



By Deandrea Hamilton



#TurksandCaicos, November 24, 2022 – Twenty-seven days after he was listed as a wanted man in the Turks and Caicos and The Bahamas, 32-year old Brandon Leonardo Rahming is dead. Killed by police gunfire, in one of his regular haunts; Dock Yard in Providenciales.

The police report, issued on Wednesday, was careful not to say this was a shootout.  It was precise in calling the confrontation one that presented a threat to the team of law enforcers.

“We’ve had an incident in here within the last hour which resulted in what is believed to be a police involved shooting,” said Trevor Botting, TCI Police Commissioner in a video message shortly after 12 noon.

Civilians had shared, the spray of gunfire heard around 11 a.m. was rapid and pounding, that they doubted anyone would have survived it.

At the onset, residents widely believed that  Rahming was dead, however, that would not be confirmed in the initial statement by Police.

“Two non-police issue firearm were recovered at the scene of the shooting.

During the same incident, another man was arrested for firearms and drug offences and he remains in police custody.”

It would be hours more before the TCI public got the confirmation on the death of the country’s most notorious suspect, a most wanted man.

Not the same in The Bahamas where Wayne Munroe, the Minister of National Security when confronted with questions about the killing confirmed to media that the person shot to death was Brandon Rahming, formerly of Freeport and Nassau, believed to be a Bahamian or of Bahamian heritage and wanted in both countries.  He was speaking to the press in the early afternoon outside of the House of Assembly in Nassau.

The Bahamas also has interest in the matter. As many as 24 members of the Royal Bahamas Police are on loan to the Turks and Caicos, as part of a joint force assembled to uproot a transnational gang network.

Minutes after 7 p.m., the Royal TCI Police confirmed what most had suspected; “During this operation, a group of men, who were believed to be carrying firearms were challenged by police officers. One of the men, who I am now naming as Brandon Rahming, was shot by police officers and was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident in Dock Yard,” said Botting.

To say feelings about the death of Rahming were mournful would be a stretch. If voice notes reportedly shared by the now deceased young man were indeed from him, he painted a very dark picture of himself.  Announcing that he had  no regard for life, even innocents; no fear of law enforcement; no respect for the rule of law and promising more killings as his remedy to actions  he believed to be hurting his alleged criminal income.

Many members of the public wanted him to be taken alive because with Rahming dies so many unanswered questions and leaves unsolved, a multi-faceted mystery including which killings he was directly responsible for, what fueled the murderous rampage that terrorized the country for nearly three months and who are his accomplices as it was clear “BrandonLee” was not acting alone.

Now, following the 11 a.m. shooting on November 23, there will be an investigation to validate the actions taken by police; already some have taken to social media to accuse law enforcement of responding in the extreme, claiming ‘Rahming was unarmed and turning himself into authorities’ when shot down.

Some, who say they have proof, claim their cell phones were confiscated by police on site.

As is routine in these types of incidents, I will be inviting an independent review of the circumstances of the discharge of firearms by police officers during this morning’s incident from a Force within the Region. I expect this to begin in the next few days,” announced Botting.

 In the aftermath, residents have expressed to our news organization that the prayer and hope now is the death of Rahming brings to an end to the violent tirade which claimed nearly two dozen lives including a boy toddler, a tourist man, several targeted citizens, an elderly father and a pregnant mother.  

Bahamas News

Tropical Storm Owen in December?



By Shanieka Smith

Staff Writer


December 8, 2022 – A low-pressure system observed in the Central Atlantic Ocean has led the National Hurricane Center to believe there is a 50 per cent chance a subtropical or tropical storm will develop. They reported on Tuesday,  the system was 800 miles northeast of the Leeward Islands.

NHC said that by Thursday or Friday, the system should move northeastward, where it will interact with a mid-latitude trough, thereby limiting the chances of development.

The potential subtropical or tropical storm would become the 15th named storm of 2022 and will be called Owen.

Here is the very latest forecast:

Central Subtropical Atlantic

Showers and thunderstorms have increased since last evening near a

large non-tropical area of low pressure located over the central

subtropical Atlantic about 850 miles east-southeast of Bermuda.

However, the system remains embedded within a frontal zone, which is

expected to become more pronounced later today as the low begins to

move east-northeastward at 20 to 25 mph toward colder waters and

interact with a mid-latitude trough.  Therefore, while the system

could show some subtropical characteristics today, its chances to

fully transition to a subtropical or tropical cyclone appear to be

decreasing.  Nevertheless, significant non-tropical development of

this low is expected during the next couple of days, and additional

information, including hurricane-force wind warnings, can be found

in High Seas Forecasts issued by the National Weather Service.  The

next Special Tropical Weather Outlook on this system will be issued

by 9 AM EST Thursday.


* Formation chance through 48 hours…low…30 percent.

* Formation chance through 5 days…low…30 percent.



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Bahamas News

“WE ARE A COUNTRY OF LAWS”: Bahamas PM says gov’t will enforce PRICE CONTROL



By Shanieka Smith

Staff Writer


#TheBahamas, December 8, 2022 – Bahamas’ Price Control Regulations were amended two months ago and several grocers have not complied.  Now, Prime Minister Phillip Davis said the government will take measures to ensure grocers change their prices and obey the law.

Speaking at a Christmas Tree Lighting in Christie Park on Tuesday night, Davis said, “we are a country of laws, so we are going to make sure what we do, to help you, gets to you.”

He said the change was in response to the high cost of living in The Bahamas.  He promised the residents in attendance that the government will do all it can to ensure the people’s survival amidst the inflation. Many grocers complained that the price control would cut into their profits.

President of the Retail Grocers Association, Phillip Beneby announced that a proposal was sent to the government regarding the Price Control Basket, however, they have not received a response.

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Bahamas News

Men Watch Out, OBESITY stunts your sex drive!



By Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer


December 8, 2022 – Testosterone levels sink when obesity is at play in men, Doctors advise men keep weight down and muscles hard and lean to avoid ED and prostate cancer.

If you suffer from Obesity this means you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more depending on your weight and height. Whether it’s from beer, a desk job which encourages a sedentary lifestyle or one too many slices of pie, many people gain weight as they age.

In the Caribbean we have some of the highest levels of obesity in the world according to the Caribbean Public Health Agency and for men it can cause a host of dangerous side effects.  This theory is supported by a study from Harvard University explained that while obesity affects men and women about the same amount, men bore a particular burden, since obesity takes a special toll on male hormones, sexuality, and prostate health.

The study explained that the effects of obesity on testosterone levels can be extreme, lowering them faster than even age. Testosterone is directly related to men’s sex drive, their body’s fat distribution, muscle mass and strength and the production of red blood cells and sperm.

In addition to low testosterone, obese men are more at risk for erectile dysfunction (ED), kidney stones and lower levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) this antigen is extremely important as it helps doctors detect if you have prostate cancer. Obesity raises your risk of heart disease, hypertension and other serious health effects.

So what can you do?

  • See a doctor or nurse who will calculate your BMI and help you create healthy targets hit in your journey.
  • If you’re uncomfortable, calculate your BMI at home and start to make some healthy lifestyle changes
  •  Lifestyle changes that can help with obesity include eating regular healthy meals at mealtimes instead of lots of sugar filled snacks. Focusing on fresh fruits and veggies instead of processed food.  Eat fibre fresh foods which will keep you feeling full. Drink lots of water
  • Try to get your body moving more exercise is key for losing weight
  • If you find going to the gym difficult incorporate exercise into activities that you find enjoyable. Join an adult football league, start jogging, play tennis, go swimming. If you enjoy it you’re more likely to stick with it.
  • Don’t focus on the scale. Losing weight isn’t the only goal, maintaining healthy habits will help you more in the long run. Focus on creating healthy habits and those will eventually lead to weight loss as disappointment stemming from weight loss that is not immediate may discourage you initially.

One Scottish study suggests that when men get together to exercise, it could be more effective than exercising alone. So grab your friends and work with each other to get yourselves as healthy as possible.

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