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PNP Government needs to say what led to a $500,000+ financial reward to Complainants and update us on the promise to “Living our best life”


#TurksandCaicos, May 27, 2022 – I don’t know about you, but we the people need to know why over half a million dollars of public funds was awarded to persons who won their claims against the Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

These claims were successful that they were poorly, inhumanely or criminally handled by our system. Why haven’t we heard what will be done to avoid any repeat of what went wrong in these matters?

The PNP Government saw and heard the reactions of the people of the TCI, and completely ignored the situation, and decided that once again, it was okay to not give any account to anyone.  Not even to you, who voted them in office.

Our leaders must find out what measures can be put in place to avoid constantly losing cases whether it is the criminal court or the civil court. This is like a pest eating away at the harvest we should be enjoying. If improved control and preventative measures are in place and properly followed, of course it is no guarantee for a perfect winning record, but we will stand a better fighting chance at winning or possibly seeing lower claim payouts.

The seriousness and far-reaching consequences not dotting “I”s and not crossing “T”s must be clearly understood by every person employed in the public sector.

This is an age which demands greater levels of transparency, consistent and intelligent communication and the kind of maturity by senior officers of our public offices which can admit wrongs and implement strategies and procedures to right the wrongs as quickly as possible.

Yet, no one is made to account.  It continues to be business as usual.  Maybe because it is not directly their money and if that is true, then it will make sense for Turks and Caicos Islanders to question whether we have the right stewards over our money.

I don’t know about you, but I found those payouts from the public purse to be jaw-dropping – and I know I am not alone.

Most of us would have heard the new budget address, all we heard was the same surplus talks and millions going into the public purse, but we have yet to see Islanders economically empowered, and amongst other things, our islands continue to struggle with things like better infrastructural development that can transform our communities into areas its residents can be proud of.

Why do we still have unpaved roads in TCI? Why don’t we have more parks for families to take their children or for our people to walk, run and jog? Why don’t we have more pedestrian crossings, sidewalks and speed bumps in our communities? Why aren’t we investing in recreational centres or other familyfriendly options that give our children more to do and to bring out the unique talents in them? Why isn’t more being done to better outfit our surrounding islands?

PNP, pay attention to your people, take a look at the audience you continue to address, they are not the same individuals you begged in the lower income areas for votes. This government’s focus has proven to be on one group of people when it should be country first. A new course of action must be taken to better the lives of your people – ALL of your people.

This beautiful country is in need of radical leaders who will pave a way for generations to come. Leaders with real vision that is not there for a title or to sit on a panel with no insight with what’s really going on in our country.

To the citizens of Turks and Caicos, The People’s Democratic Movement, will be ready to set that new course of action, we will continue to hold those accountable for you.

In closing, as we prepare to remember our only national hero, the Rt Excellent James Alexander George Smith McCartney, a founder of the PDM party, let’s remember his sacrifices and accomplishments for a better standard of living for the people of this country, let’s live in unity and keep the dream alive of our national hero. I stand with you Turks and Caicos to ensure that we ALL are able to have a better future for generation to come.


Robert Been

PDM Deputy Party Leader


Ms. Camilla Lightbourne joins Experience Turks and Caicos team  



Ms. Camilla Lightbourne


#TurksandCaicos, February 22, 2024 – Experience Turks and Caicos is pleased to welcome Ms. Camilla Lightbourne to the post of Executive Assistant to the CEO effective February 06th, 2024.

Ms. Lightbourne is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree a DeVry University in Florida and previously worked as an Import Logistics Associate at Graceway Trading Ltd. Where she supported department goals and initiatives through the generation of reports and a Business Account Executive at Digicel where she managed daily and monthly reports and helped resolve customer issues.

In welcoming Ms. Lightbourne to the team, Ms. Racquel Brown, Change Manager and Interim CEO of Experience Turks and Caicos said Ms. Lightbourne’s appointment underscores the growth of the organisation.

“Experience Turks and Caicos is growing as an organisation to meet its mission and goal.  The Executive Assistant to the CEO is critical to support the CEO Office for the effective and efficient day-to-day administration to assist the CEO manage the scheduling and timely completion of Strategic Projects and Programmes.   I look forward to working with Ms. Lightbourne as the Change Manager/Interim CEO of Experience Turks and Caicos in this regard,” she said.

Ms. Lightbourne said she is pleased to be part of the Experience Turks and Caicos team.

“I am elated to join such a dynamic organisation and working with the CEO’s office where I will have an opportunity to implement many of the project management and organisational skills I have learned over the years. I am looking forward to making my mark on the future development of our country’s tourism product,” she said.

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Caribbean News

CTO Chairman Hails Success of Business Meetings in Saint-Martin



February 22, 2024 – The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) concluded its business meetings last week in Saint-Martin, marking a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts to strengthen and revitalize the Caribbean tourism sector. Under the direction of Chairman Kenneth Bryan, who also serves as Minister of Tourism and Ports for the Cayman Islands, the CTO has embarked on a transformative journey to reimagine its role and impact within the global tourism landscape.

“When I took over as chairman (in 2022), we decided to go through a reimagining exercise and you can start to see the changes already,” said Chairman Bryan, citing the appointment of Secretary-General and CEO Dona Regis-Prosper, the return of the U.S. Virgin Islands and Bermuda to the 25-member body, and the re-engagement of destinations such as Montserrat as examples of the progress made.

A highlight of the meetings was the presentation of a comprehensive plan for the year ahead by Regis-Prosper, the first woman appointed to the post in the organization’s history.

This year’s first series of business meetings focused on defining a strategic direction for the upcoming year and reviewing the organization’s accomplishments since Minister Bryan’s tenure began. “The discussions were fruitful and reflective of the vibrant spirit that characterizes our collective efforts,” stated Minister Bryan. “The CTO is moving towards a reimagined, revitalized and relevant future, with a clear focus on overcoming challenges through unity and shared vision,” he asserted.

A significant part of the meetings centered on the critical role of aviation in connecting the Caribbean. Chairman Bryan emphasized the commitment to enhancing regional connectivity and addressing the complexities of aviation logistics, highlighting a resolution to engage with key stakeholders, including the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and regional airlines, to advocate for increased seat capacity and facilitate more seamless travel within the Caribbean.

The group discussed the possibility of staging a Caribbean aviation conference: an assembly of airline and airport authority executives; hotel brands; tourism stakeholders; and government ministers with responsibility for tourism, civil aviation, regulatory and finance matters. “We need robust dialogue on the necessary changes to incentivize more connectivity within the region, so we’re going to put our foot down on the gas concerning this because it’s a serious concern for many members, particularly in the Eastern Caribbean.”

Reflecting on his tenure as chairman, Minister Bryan is encouraged by the progress made, particularly in stabilizing the organization’s fiscal position, increasing membership confidence, and positioning the CTO prominently in global tourism discussions. The CTO’s efforts have also focused on leveraging technology, artificial intelligence, and digital media to enhance the Caribbean’s appeal as the world’s leading warm-weather destination.

The CTO’s vision also encompasses a rebranding of the organization and a reinforcement of the foundational spirit of Caribbean kinship. “Our goal is to ensure that every member state feels tangible value from its involvement with the CTO, fostering a sense of belonging and collective achievement,” commented Minister Bryan.

He said CTO’s strategic direction, under the Secretary-General’s leadership, promises a dynamic and inclusive future for Caribbean tourism, one that emphasizes innovation, collaboration, and a deepened sense of regional camaraderie.


Photo Caption: Kenneth Bryan, Chairman of CTO’s Ministerial Council and Minister of Tourism and Ports of the Cayman Islands (left), is pictured with CTO Secretary-General Dona Regis-Prosper; Bermuda Minister of Tourism Owen Darrell; and Rosa Harris, Chairman of CTO’s Board of Directors and Director of Tourism for the Cayman Islands.

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Caribbean News




February 22, 2024 – Digicel Business is proud to introduce its cutting-edge Hospitality Solutions, designed to transform the guest experience in hotels, resorts, and hospitality establishments worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Digicel Business is empowering the hospitality industry to thrive in a digital age. In an era where guests expect seamless connectivity, personalized experiences, and efficient services, Digicel Business is at the forefront of delivering solutions that meet these evolving demands. Our Hospitality Solutions suite offers a range of services and technologies that will redefine the way guests interact with your establishment.

Key features of Digicel Business Hospitality Solutions include:

  1. Reliable & Secure Connectivity: Ensure lightning-fast, secure internet access throughout your property, enabling guests to stay connected effortlessly, whether for work or leisure.
  2. Enhanced Guest Experiences: Elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty with convenient and customized experiences, including Hospitality TV, Push to Talk radio, Access Control, Fixed Voice for your front desk and rooms & Video Surveillance.
  3. Efficient Operations: Increase operational performance and efficiency, reduce operational cost by reduction of manual processes. Focus on what you do best, while we take care of the rest.
  4. Security Solutions: Secure customers’ data with solutions that are easy to use but sophisticated enough to keep you secure. 5. Scalability: Our solutions are adaptable to properties of all sizes, from boutique hotels to sprawling resorts, ensuring a customized fit for your establishment. 6. Dedicated Support: Digicel Business provides support to ensure hotels and resorts can resolve any connectivity or technology-related issues promptly.

Lydia Tucker, Head of Digicel Business Turks & Caicos, commented: “The hospitality industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with digital technologies at the forefront of this evolution. At Digicel Business, we are committed to helping our partners in the hospitality sector embrace these changes and deliver unparalleled guest experiences. Our comprehensive suite of Hospitality Solutions is designed to enhance operational efficiency, increase guest satisfaction, and drive revenue growth.”

As the Caribbean and Central America‘s leading communications and technology solutions provider, Digicel Business continues to invest in cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses across various sectors

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