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Monday Morning Attempted Bank Robbery foiled by victim, but we still haven’t heard from TCI Police



Deandrea Hamilton



#TurksandCaicos, May 27, 2022 – Four days on and there has still been no official report and no announcement of arrests in the case of a wild, wild, west alleged attempted armed robbery in the vicinity of CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank on Leeward Highway in Providenciales.

Officials have allowed speculation to lead the narrative of this disturbing crime which happened at the start of the work week and work day on Monday May 23.

We still don’t know at this hour whether it was an armed robbery ambush thwarted by an alert, quick thinking business man but we do know that the gun shots fired by alleged assailants were so powerful that people living in Kew Town heard the blast off of bullets.  Customers said it made the entire bank building shake.

Police officer Lauralee Jagroop confirmed that indeed shots were fired but nothing more; that was Monday morning.

The bank was barely opened, just minutes after 9am and already, it seems, an armed robbery was in train.

Residents who were stood outside the bank waiting to enter for service, ran inside out of fear at the frightening scene playing out just feet away from them.  That’s what we were told by a person inside when the shots rang out.

It is said a company cash deposit was on the way to the bank, when the carrier of it noticed a vehicle approaching head on in the wrong direction.  A voice note, widely circulated on social media explained the people in that threatening vehicle were masked and the man being targetted got suspicious and tried to get away.

He tried to dart past the suspicious vehicle and that’s when shots were recklessly fired after his car, shattering the rear windshield, the employee with the cash plowed through the median in a desperate attempt to escape but was somehow injured and turned up at hospital.

Our news organization was told he was admitted.  It was never reported that someone was injured, how severely and whether the individual was hit was a bullet.  We also enquired at the TCI Hospitals.

Residents had a variety of reactions after the news was posted.  A church pastor offered up a prayer for heavenly intervention and strategies to beat back the crime wave; another called for police to be stationed at all of the banks in Provo permanently, there are only four of them and another hoped for a thorough investigation so the culprits could be caught due to reliable, compelling evidence.

The bank was closed temporarily, the CIBC FirstCaribbean parking lot turned to a crime scene.

CIBC FirstCaribbean, like everyone else in the case offered no comment on the alleged crime to the general public and its customers.





#TurksandCaicos, August 5, 2022 – On Thursday 4th August 2022, 27-year-old Brian Francis of South Dock Providenciales, was charged with the murder of Justin Cox-Beckles.

The murder took place in the early hours of Sunday 24th July 2022 at Rock Plaza. Justin received a single gunshot wound during the incident and, despite the efforts of those assisting him to the hospital and medical staff, he died of his injury.

Commissioner of Police Trevor Botting said, “These charges follow extensive enquiries by the RTCIPF Investigations Team. However, this charge does not mean the end of the investigation; it remains active. This incident involved a number of others who took part in fighting at the scene. I am again, urging witnesses and others with information regarding this incident to speak out so that all of those involved can be identified and brought to justice. If you were a witness or have any information, please contact the police on 911 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800 8477 (TIPS). Your call will be treated in confidence.”

Commissioner Botting added, “In my recent press release on this investigation, I spoke about the responsibilities of those with knowledge of this incident to speak out. I am urging community leaders or family members of those who know something to encourage and support witnesses to come forward. Crime is everybody’s business and none more so when a young innocent life is taken so callously.”

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Bight Shooting of Young Man could be ‘Mistaken Identity’



By Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer


#TurksandCaicos, August 5, 2022 – A young man is injured after assailants shot up his vehicle on Sunday night. The police confirmed the incident which had sparked concern among residents.

They say at about 2:50 AM on Sunday they got a call from the Cheshire Hall Medical Center reporting a young man with a gunshot wound was dropped off at the hospital. Investigations revealed that the young man had been driving around 2 AM when a red car came up beside him and opened fire.

Videos of the youngster’s car surfaced on social media, the windows completely destroyed and the driver’s side riddled with bullet holes.

Thankfully the young man is recovering well after being treated for his injury. The police have not commented on a possible motive for the shooting but many residents believe it is a case of mistaken identity that could’ve ended much worse.

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Police Commissioner Updates on Murder Investigation of Justin Cox-Beckles



#TurksandCaicos, August 5, 2022 – In the early hours of Sunday 24th July 2022, 22-year-old Justin Cox Beckles was shot and killed at Rock Plaza, Blue Hills, Providenciales. Justin’s murder was a senseless act of violence that has taken a young life and ripped apart the lives of family, friends and a community. It’s clear that people are struggling to comprehend the taking of a life in such a terrible and cowardly act and we should all be shocked and saddened by this murder. The carrying of guns and acts of violence such as this, have no place in the communities of the Turks and Caicos Islands and whilst my officers are working hard to bring people to justice, people within the local community have a civic and moral obligation to assist where they can.

To simply sit back and believe it is for the Police to deal with is abdicating your responsibilities within a civilized Christian society. It was Archbishop Desmond Tutu who said, ‘If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor’. When young men are being killed on our streets, when young men are carrying guns and carrying out acts of mindless violence, it is not the time to stay neutral, it is the time to speak out, condemn and work together to rid the scourge of gun crime, violence and murder from the TCI. Staying silent when you can help stop the violence is taking the side of the oppressor, of the very people who are killing our young people. If you know something, say something, do not stay silent, do not stay neutral and do not choose the side of those despicable criminals carrying out these acts.

To the members of the community who are supporting us with information on this investigation and others, I thank you for telling us what you know. However, in this investigation we believe there are a number of people who have key information, including, we believe people who witnessed the murder of Justin. I am speaking to those persons directly and I implore you to come forward and tell us what you know. Do the right thing, do the Christian thing in bringing to justice the person who killed an innocent man.

 My officers need your help, but by way of an update I can tell you the following;

One man, Brian Francis, has been arrested for murder and remains in custody for the murder of Justin with an additional seven days’ custody being granted by a Judge. To date, no charges have been brought. One other person has also been interviewed in connection with this enquiry. This enquiry remains ongoing and fast paced as we work to bring those responsible to justice. I am again asking anyone with any information and especially those who have direct knowledge and potential evidence, to do the right thing, contact my officers and tell them what you know. It is your civil, moral and Christian responsibility.

Finally, let me remind you that a young man, Justin Cox Beckles lost his life in a senseless and abhorrent act of violence. Our condolences are sent to the family and friends of Justin and they remain in our thoughts and prayers.

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