TCI: Trevor Ariza is home, happy & planning to pay it forward!

#TurksandCaicos, July 20, 2021 – Turks and Caicos continues to be a popular haunt for celebrities who love the laid back lifestyle, intrinsic beauties and unpretentious experience that these islands and cays offer and sometimes, that is most appealing for those coming home. 

Case in point; Trevor Ariza. 

NBA player, NBA champion and currently a member of the Miami Heat, Ariza at 35-years-old is home and when I spoke to him yesterday seemed relaxed, chill and happy.

Trevor is also pumped about his newest initiative which will put him center with the country’s most precious resource, our children.  Trevor, who was hanging out with TCI recording artist Jack Lightbourne said it is all about paying it forward. 

Programmes for youth are coming, more frequent trips home are already happening and an investment in youngsters to make sure they too can fulfill their dreams. 

Trevor Ariza has huge plans said Jack, who recently hosted New York’s Angela Yee from popular 105FM radio show, The Breakfast Club on a number of native exploits to be featured on his own show, ‘Chillen with Di Locals’. 

Meanwhile, Trevor is ‘chillen’ too.  He has been to Grand Turk to see his grandfather; been in Middle Caicos hanging with natives and eating tamarinds from the tree and slapping dominoes with the guys, at an ocean side hangout. 

Ariza is a 2008 NBA Champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, in one photo he is donning a Kobe Bryant jersey; no doubt in tribute to his former team mate, who last year died in a helicopter crash.

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