TCI Residents To Enjoy Faster Processing of Critical Documents says Immigration Minister

#TurksandCaicos, May 24, 2021 – TCI residents are set to enjoy faster processing of critical documents as the government transitions to a digital era.  Speaking during the conference held on May 17, the Minister for Immigration and Border Services, Arlington Musgrove assured TCI residents the digitalization of most of the essential services is underway.

Hon. Musgrove said the department had seen the digitalization of dockets and documents indicating his government’s commitment to integrating e-governance across the entire public service. 

“I’m also pleased to report the transfer of status card computerized system to TCIG. We are moving forward to the final stage of employing and training additional staff in this area,” said the minister. 

Without the integration of IT in offering government services, many suffer excruciating delays due to demand and insufficient staffing. The Minister said the hiring of more staff and training them on how to use the system effectively will make the difference. 

Government’s online portals, which are under development will reduce the need for in person service.  The PNP Government ran on a campaign where integrated IT systems, faster document processing speeds, quick delivery of critical documents to the applicants would become the new norm.

According to earlier information given by the Deputy Premier, E. Jay Saunders, during Premier’s 50 days in office press conference, the systems are being constructed layer-by-layer and service by service. Minister Saunders explained the process will begin with security, then onto roll out of the services within two years, with support of the UK Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office.  Some services are expected to be online this year.

With his strong IT background, the Deputy Premier, who is to transition to the Ministry of Finance will oversee the implementation of the new e-government systems in all government institutions and statutory bodies. 

The Premier, Hon Washington Misick during his press conference announced $3.5 million has been allocated to the purchase of software systems to usher in Digital Government.

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