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TCI: Women in Sports celebrates 8 Years



#TurksandCaicos, April 14, 2021 – In an effort to promote Gender Equality in sports, the former President of the Commonwealth Games Association and Sports Hall of Famer Mrs.  Rita Gardiner partnered with the Director of Gender Affairs, Mrs. Carolyn Dickinson to organize an initiative for women and girls of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  After much consultation with sporting bodies, the first women, sport and physical activity was established, named “TCI Women in Sport”.

The launch of this most needed body took place on the 13th April, 2013 in Providenciales and in Grand Turk on the 14th April, 2013 by the then Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Hon. Akeirra Missick. 

The organization is an independent group with a cross section of women throughout the communities of the TCI with interest in bringing about gender equality in all sectors of society as well as persons keen in sporting activities.  This Association will help to identify and place women and girls in the various sporting disciplines; provide the required support to allow them to maximize their full potential; to award women’s achievements; to increase the number of women in decision-making roles. Wis is committed to changing attitudes to ensure girls and women have a life-long involvement in sport and physical activity and to cultivate relationships with international organizations.

To this end, the Women in Sports TCI signed a MOU with their Canadian Women in Sports partners and have also established great ties with the Women’s Commission in the Caribbean. 

WIS Vision – Our shared aspirations tor TCI

Turks and Caicos Islands have a holistic and equitable sport and physical activity system where all girls and women can participate.

Mission – Our Core purpose and reason for being the Turks and Caicos Islands Women in Sports Association that is a catalyst to change the mindset of stakeholders, close the gender gap and create a revolution of women and girls involved in sports and physical activity through a multi-sectoral approach.

Our Values – We believe in being fair

Fair – We foster partnerships and engage in discussions

Audacious – We take risks and strive to achieve high standards

Inclusive – we encourage equal access to all programs and opportunities

We embrace diversity

Our Canadian partners assisted us immediately with an Intern, Kathleen Reeves who immediately set to work with the CGA President by developing Grassroots programs.  WIS’ first program was ‘Learn to Swim” a program for young girls and women who needed to master the art of swimming or learn basic survival skills.  That program runs every summer and is one of our most popular on WIS’ sporting calendar for the youths of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Due to the pandemic it was postponed in 2020, there are many other sporting activities for Adults and Children alike. Our most anticipated event is the Christmas Gala and Awards banquet.

Special recognition must be made of the Presidents, Mrs. Florence Jarrett-Dunkley, Sherry Ingham, Angela Brooks and currently Symadia Ingham-Wallace, all of whom did an outstanding job in the development of Sports and Gender equality for women and girls in the Turks and Caicos Islands.     

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New upload speeds to improve online gaming, video conferencing & Online Voice Calls


PROVIDENCIALES, TURKS AND CAICOS, JUNE 24, 2022 – Flow TCI wishes to remind customers of a broadband speed increase to our existing broadband plans, which took effect on April 25th, 2022. An incremental rate increase for the new higher speed plans has taken effect.

The rates were increased by US$4 for the following plans and the download and upload speeds will increase by the following allotments:

All customers will be migrated from all previous fixed broadband plans to the new broadband Fibre to the Home plans. The new speeds will improve the overall broadband experience for all customers for online gaming, voice over IP calling, video conferencing, and social media usage.

For more information on our new Fibre to the Home plans, visit for more details.


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2022 Hurricane Preparedness Exposition



“Mission Ready – Pledge to Prepare; Be Smart Take Part”


#TurksandCaicos, June 23, 2022 – The Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies (DDME) will be hosting its 3rd Hurricane Preparedness Exposition on 1st July 2022 from 10:00 am at the Town Centre Mall, Parking Lot, Downtown, Providenciales.

The Hurricane Preparedness Expo will feature booths from over twenty-five different agencies, partners and public safety officials this year. The event provides critical stakeholders with roles in disaster management an opportunity to interact with the public, demonstrate their services, and guide individuals and businesses on how they can prepare for this hurricane season.

The goal is to ensure residents are ready should a hurricane impact our region by offering a one-stop shop for the general public to gather helpful information and ask their hurricane and storm-related questions.

We ask all residents to come out and participate in this preparedness event. The event is free, fun and educational with tons of giveaways, including the chance to win a Graceway Smart Supermarket Hurricane Supplies Shopping Spree on 1st July 2022.

This venture also encompasses the principles of Public-Private Partnership, as it demonstrates the Disaster Risk Reduction commitment of the private sector in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It also highlight’s the Public Sector Department’s determination to ensure all major entities are involved in its goal of building a resilient country.

The Hurricane Preparedness Expo will be on Friday, 1st July 2022, at the Town Centre Mall, Parking Lot, Downtown, Providenciales, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. We look forward to your participation.

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Caribbean News

Worst time to be a Woman; a Haitian crises



By Deandrea Hamilton

Magnetic Media 


#TurksandCaicos, June 24, 2022 – I know many of us are frustrated by the reports of illegal vessels breaching our waters, landing on our shores, costing us in repatriation expenses and overwhelming our small states and we’re not wrong to be bent out of shape by it.  However there are many facets to this maddening issue to sound alarms and from what I’m told and because of what I have noticed, the number of women increasingly taking the risk to runaway confirms the heartbreaking truth that abuses of this vulnerable group are escalating in frequency and violence.

A teenager, pregnant jumped from a balcony in Blue Hills (TCI) in desperation to escape pursuing law enforcers; it was dark, she could have died, she was hospitalized then sent back.

Turks and Caicos Police ‘stop & search’ operations are capturing many women; women who are trying to get to a job site in the many illegal jitneys moving around the town.

Sure it is all illegal, however it remains gut wrenching that these skittish ladies would have started the day on the hustle for a little cash only to be caught, with no document affirming legal status breaking the law. They will be deported and life will change, likely for the worse.

Haiti’s instability is driving the exodus of Haitian people.  The plummeting quality of life is pushing the “irregular migrants” as they are labelled to board boats, take to the ocean in pitch black conditions, driven by a desperate home.

Some make it, some do not.

The only death recorded or reported at the TCI detention center in years was this month; it was a Haitian woman. We don’t know what went wrong. But a journey toward a better life ended with the loss of hers.

I come from a set of nations – The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands – which have ensured I have a place.  Whether that’s school or college or a job or as an entrepreneur, room was made for me and laws are in place to enable and empower me. Not only do I have bread to eat, but I get to choose the type of bread I want to eat and can share it.

I am blessed. Truly.

But for my Haitian sisters, when you see their faces and the sadness in their eyes. When the human spirit is so shattered that it creeps into the dankest of places which is utter hopelessness, we should sit up and stand up.  This should capture our attentions.

In fact we should know, that for the hundreds we do encounter, there are countless more out there, unseen and trying to survive without being fortified by a force field of love, rule of law and simple decency.  There are too many more relentlessly buffeted by exploitation and circumstances outside of their control.

I suspect, this is the absolute worst time to be a woman or girl in Haiti. Just the worst.

Whether it is the recent memorial held to remember 11 Haitian women who perished at sea in early May trying to get in, undetected to Puerto Rico or a new and emerging report on describing the sexual abuse of Haitian women working at a factory; given sickening ultimatums:  Sex for their salary; an exploitation which usually draws throngs of people to vociferous protests in more developed countries; to this news however, there is silence and little reaction that we can see.

I declare that these women are significant.  They are valued despite the trials and tribulations of their homeland.  Within this dispensation, a post Black Lives Matter world, the darker complexion of many of their skins no longer means they are disposable.

And united, it means, women wherever we are can link hearts and hands to partake in and contribute to a shared stance of solidarity.  We can do it for the voiceless anywhere we want, we are women and though muted by the many dramas and truamas unfolding in our own lives, communities and countries, we still hear these voices crying and screaming out and we will help.

Just watch and see.  Women of Haiti, help is on the way.

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