TCI: Oxygen Generation Systems installation progressing well at TCI Hospitals

#TurksandCaicos, April 27, 2021 – Installation of the life-saving Oxygen Generator System at the Cockburn Town Medical Center in Grand Turk is advancing well and once done, the country will no longer need to import oxygen because the Turks and Caicos will be able to produce it.

Oxygen generators were procured by the TCI Government for the hospitals; two generators for Grand Turk and two will be installed in Providenciales.

Special notice was issued by the TCI Hospitals to inform patients and staff of the installation works in the capital.

“Oxygen generator systems are scheduled to be hoisted from the ground level to the second level of the medical centre by crane for installation. Patients should exercise caution and comply with diversions to patient flow during this period,” advised the notice issued on April 21.

Governor Nigel Dakin, on Friday posted his pleasure at the progress on the Grand Turk installation of the generators, which will prove a key support to ventillators in keeping people alive if they experience chronic symptoms from the coronavirus.

“A ventilator pumps air—usually with extra oxygen—into patients’ airways when they are unable to breathe adequately on their own. If lung function has been severely impaired—due to injury or an illness such as COVID-19—patients may need a ventilator. It is also used to support breathing during surgery.

Ventilators, also known as life-support machines, won’t cure an illness, but they can keep patients alive while they fight an infection or their body heals from an injury,” explained a Yale Medicine article which aimed to illuminate the value of ventilators.

Cabinet was on Wednesday April 21 update on the progress of the work, which is steady but still with several steps to be covered before the generators are commissioned.

The Oxygen Generation systems became necessary amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Ventillators require regular replenishment of the precious oxygen. 

The Turks and Caicos Islands Government purchased the generators, informed former Minister of Health, Edwin Astwood.

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