“Essential” Social Workers Day Observed in TCI

#TurksandCaicos, March 17, 2021 – Globally, Social Workers have served on the frontline, side-by-side responding to the negative impact of the covid19 pandemic and other social ills. Social Workers are often faced with mind-boggling human adversities that shatter lives that have to be nurture, mended and renewed.

As the world continues to experience calamities, the social needs of its people only heightened. Social Workers are challenged to the frontline to provide their unending support in connecting people to services. 

Unfortunately, the role and significance of Social Workers as ‘Essential’ are often disregarded, unappreciated, and misunderstood by the community at large. Given the current dilemma the world and specifically the Turks and Caicos Islands are in, it appears to be no better time to highlight how essential Social Workers are to the communities they serve.

SOCIAL WORKERS ARE ESSENTIAL! It takes passion, dedication, empathy and heart to place service and others before self to work a thankless and sobering job while risking their own health and wellbeing. 

Going forward, it is my hope that our colleagues, stakeholders and clients recognize, embrace and celebrate Social Workers as essential workers for the contributions they have made and will continue to make for generations to come. 

As we celebrate Social Work Month March 2021 under the theme ‘Social Workers Are Essential’, let’s remember Social Workers always have been, and always will be, on the front lines, building a restorative bridge to support families and communities.  

Happy Social Work Month to my fellow unsung pandemic heroes! Social Workers, Probation Officers and Psychiatric Social Workers, YOU MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!  

Social Month Activities:

-Pay It Forward March 

DSD staff to treat an elderly person/family during the month of March 2021.

-Purple Friday/ Pantry Love Day 

Staff dress in purple and encourage the community at large to wear the colour to symbolize Social Work month.Staff are also encouraged to donate a CAN during the day. Staff will also encourage the entire Civil Servant body and community to participate. 

Social Worker/ Probation Officers & Psychiatric Social Workers Are Essential! -March 29, 2021 RTC(Prerecorded) 

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