Rate of infection too high for North and Middle Caicos; Health warns islanders

#TurksandCaicos, February 13, 2021 – Every day, the twin islands of Middle and North Caicos are charting new cases of the coronavirus and it is concerning for the tiny populations; at this stage the penetration of cases is highest in these islands.

Middle Caicos, with around 145 households now has 21 positive patients. North Caicos, where there is more commercial and public sector activity has 35 infections in the latest situation report.

Five new cases were recorded for the islands in the past 24-hours informed the Thursday night dashboard, and for the residents it is hard to miss that a little more than a month ago, both islands were Covid-clear.

The Ministry of Health said:The Ministry of Health has continued to identify new cases of Covid-19 on the islands of North and Middle Caicos.  The most recent count of active cases on the twin islands is 35 North Caicos and 21 Middle Caicos.

 This is a concern due to the size of these communities.”

With just 604 electors on the register; the active cases coupled with the quarantined and isolated residents are equal to more than 10 percent of voters.

“The Ministry of Health would like to recommend to residents on these islands to exercise particular caution above and beyond the existing Regulations in order to prevent the further spread of disease within these closely linked islands.

Persons should avoid all non-essential travel between the islands and assist the elderly and those who are considered vulnerable to shelter in place as a means of reducing the risk of being exposed to Covid-19.”

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