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FortisTCI Commissions New Fuel Pipeline in Grand Turk



#TurksandCaicos, February 25, 2021 – FortisTCI announces the completion and commissioning of a 1,500-foot fuel pipeline that transfers fuel from tankers to generate and deliver electricity in the nation’s capital Grand Turk. The new fuel pipeline is one of the company’s most recent major capital projects costing approximately $750,000 to replace an aging installation believed to be more than 30 years old. 

The old pipeline was decommissioned in 2019, during which time fuel had to be carefully transferred above ground under the guidance of the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR). Construction for the new pipeline commenced in 2020 and had minor delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. The facility enables FortisTCI to receive fuel safely and with minimal environmental risks during the process. The job was completed following stringent environmental practices and with expertise in building safe and reliable pipelines. 

FortisTCI Director of Energy Production Alvejes Desir was the project lead, supported by international contractors Cape Caribbean Inc. and local contractors Rolle Construction. The FortisTCI project team included Senior Vice President of Operations Devon Cox, Vice President of Grand Turk and Sister Islands Operations Allan Robinson, Technical Consultant of Engineering Michael Polonio, Grand Turk Superintendent of Plant Control Franklyn Been, Grand Turk Operations Manager Neil Allen, Environmental Health and Safety Manager Marcus Francis and the EHS Department. The Public Works Department, Physical Planning, Road Safety Department, DECR, Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force and the Ports Authority were also instrumental in completing this project

Speaking about the pipeline, Director of Ports Authority Delton Jones said, “The Ports Authority is pleased with the commissioning of the new fuel pipeline at South Dock, Grand Turk by FortisTCI, and was very happy to facilitate the execution of this construction project. The operations of the new fuel pipeline are consistent with our Strategic Plan: Goal 2 – Safe Ports. The new pipeline replaces a regime where fuel was transferred using hoses, which floated on the sea. This had inherent environmental and safety risks. The new pipeline is a win-win and a good example of a mutually beneficial public and private sector collaboration.”

FortisTCI President and CEO Ruth Forbes said, “I want to commend project leader Alvejes Desir and the project team who worked to finalize the new pipeline installation. Having a secure method for fuel delivery on Grand Turk means that we can continue to provide residents with the reliable electricity they have come to expect. And being an ISO 14001 and 45001 certified operation, we live by a code of safety always and protecting our environment in all facets while carrying out our day-to-day duties. Replacing the pipeline represents our commitment to serving our customers with a safe, high quality and reliable service.”

Press Release: FortisTCI

Photo Captions:

Header: A team in Grand Turk meet to inspect and commission the new fuel pipeline. From L to r: Alvejes Desir (FortisTCI), Castro Edmund (MV Brad Sun) , Franklyn Been (FortisTCI), Luis Fernando (MV Brad Sun), Dwayne Simmons (Ports Authority) , Keith Simmons (Ports Authority), Delton Jones (Ports Authority), Neil Allen, (FortisTCI), Allan Robinson (FortisTCI), Carl Newbby (CAPE), Dominc Litty (CAPE).

Insert: A new 1,500-foot fuel pipeline recently installed at South Dock in Grand Turk replaces an older pipeline thought to be more than 30- years old. The project was completed following the highest environmental standards and safeguards the fuel transfer process necessary for the continued delivery of reliable electricity to the residents of Grand Turk.

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Caribbean News

ScotiaBank Turks & Caicos Awarded Best Consumer Digital Bank 2021



Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Island – September 24, 2021 – Scotiabank TCI has been named the “Best Consumer Digital Bank 2021” by Global Finance (New York), which regularly selects the top performers amongst banks and financial services and is a trusted standard of excellence for the global financial community.

In commenting on the award, Patricia Adams, Managing Director (Acting), Scotiabank TCI said, “Supporting our customers during the ongoing uncertainties remains our top priority and we are thrilled that our significant focus and investments in our digital banking platforms continue to yield positive results.”

“During this period, we have continuously relied on feedback from our customers about their specific personal or business needs and we remain committed to further improvements as we aim to make it easier and safer for them to conduct their banking” Adams concluded.

Some of the most recent investments include the expansion of the capabilities of the Scotiabank Mobile App, upgrades made to the Bank’s ABM network to include intelligent deposit machines and the use of digital analytics to anticipate customer needs and deliver personalized financial solutions.

Winning banks were selected based on the following criteria: strength of strategy  for attracting and servicing digital customers, success in getting clients to use digital  offerings, growth of digital customers, breadth of product offerings, evidence of tangible benefits gained from digital initiatives, and web/mobile site design and functionality. Read more about the awards here.

Scotiabank TCI’s award for “Best Consumer Digital Bank” follows another recent global recognition for innovation in financial services by The Banker’s Global Innovation in Digital Banking Awards 2021. The ‘Most Innovative in Data’ award acknowledges the Bank’s investments in data and analytics, as well as its commitment to delivering a more personalized customer experience.

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Bahamas News

Over 68,000 STAYED HOME in Bahamas Elections; We have BEST and WORST for Voter Participation



#TheBahamas, September 21, 2021 – The just-concluded General Election in Bahamas has presented a new shift in governance.  The former ruling part, Free National Movement, lost nearly all the electoral seats it secured in the 2017 general elections.  However, this seems a swap of the Progressive Liberal party’s score in the 2017 general elections in which the former ruling party (FNM) won nearly all the parliamentary seats.


While the FNM secured 35 out of 39 seats in the 2017 ballot, leaving only four slots for the Opposition, the 2021 elections presented “new day” with the Opposition clinching 32 parliamentary seats, leaving the former ruling party FNM with only seven slots.

However, the election results showed a significant drop in voter turnout compared to the 2017 election results. Out of 194,494 registered voters in The Bahamas, only 126,414 voted, translating to 65 per cent voter turnout.


This was different from the previous election in which 160,407 out of 181,543 registered voters cast their ballots, translating to a remarkable 88.36 per cent voter turnout.

Being the first election in the island nation since the Covid-19 struck the Caribbean; the dismal voter turnout could be attributed to the severe impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in The Bahamas and the current countermeasures taken by individuals to avoid contracting the deadly virus.

It could also be voter apathy.


Despite coronavirus prevalence in the country, North Andros & Berry Islands, Cat Island, Rum Cay & San Salvador, and Mangrove Cay & South Andros constituencies recorded an impressive voter turnout of 77.99 per cent, 76.11 per cent and 73.06 per cent respectively.

North Andros & Berry Islands had 2,126 out of 2,569 registered voters cast their ballots, followed by 1,255 out of 1,622 in Cat Island, Rum Cay & San Salvador, and 1,706 out of 2,164 registered voters in Mangrove Cay & South Andros.


The bottom three constituencies in terms of voter turnout include Bamboo Town, which had 3,436 out of 5,838 (58.63 per cent) registered voters cast their ballot, followed by Garden Hills with 3,033 out of 5,287 (57.09 per cent), and   Central & South Abaco falling at the bottom of the list with 1,844 out of 3,271 (55.96 per cent).

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Bahamas News

BAHAMAS: Nine new Cabinet ministers sworn-in



#TheBahamas, September 21, 2021 – Prime Minister the Hon. Philip Davis today introduced the first set of new Cabinet ministers with portfolios covering the Attorney General, Foreign Affairs, Education, Works and Public Utilities, Health and Wellness, Government Affairs, Agriculture, National Security and Legal Affairs.

The nine ministers were sworn-in on Monday 20 September 2021 by Governor-General the Most Hon. Sir Cornelius A. Smith during ceremonies held at the Baha Mar Convention Center.

“They are the initial members of a Cabinet which will reflect the breadth and depth of the competencies and characteristics of our team: experience combined with innovation; expertise combined with a willingness to see things anew; integrity and a strong sense of purpose,” said Prime Minister Davis.

“They are receiving these appointments because of their determination to get things done.”

Among the new Ministers sworn-in on Monday were:

  • Senator the Hon. L. Ryan Pinder, Attorney General;
  • Hon. Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Public Service;
  • Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin, Minister of Education, and Technical and Vocational Training;
  • Hon. Alfred Sears, Minister of Works and Utilities;
  • Dr. Hon. Michael Darville, Minister of Health and Wellness;
  • Senator the Hon. Michael Halkitis, Minister of Government Affairs and Leader of Government Business in the Senate;
  • Hon. Clay Sweeting, Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Family Island Affairs;
  • Hon. Wayne Munroe, Minister of National Security; and
  • Hon. Jomo Campbell, Minister of State for Legal Affairs.

“I am confident that these first-appointed members of our Cabinet team are ready to deliver on the promise of a New Day for our Bahamas,” said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Davis pledged to move with urgency to address the economic and health crises that are faced by The Bahamas.

Many thousands of Bahamians are out of work, people are losing too many loved ones to the COVID-19 virus and Bahamian schoolchildren are falling behind, said Prime Minister Davis.

“I want to be clear: we are not here to tinker at the edges of these problems,” said the Prime Minister.

“We are here to meet them head on.”

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