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Patient with Suspected COVID-19 Admitted to TCI Hospital



#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands – Thursday 19 March, 2020): The Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital wishes to announce further changes to its operations in response to the threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and provide information on a suspected COVID-19 inpatient case.

We wish to confirm the admission of a patient to the general ward of Cheshire Hall Medical Centre on the evening of 18th March 2020, who is now classified as a suspected case of COVID-19. The patient is being cared for in a designated isolation and negative pressure room with the relevant infection prevention and control measures.

The 89-year-old female is a Turks and Caicos Islander who departed the country to Jamaica in mid-February 2020 to receive overseas care and returned to the Turks and Caicos Islands on 2nd March 2020. She had no further travel history.

The patient has multiple co-morbidities and was transported to the department by emergency medical services with breathing difficulties on 18th March 2020. She developed symptoms including coughing and shortness of breath four days prior to hospital admission with no fever. The patient is currently on oxygen therapy and does not require ventilation at this time. She has no known contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. TCI Hospital is unable to comment further on the details of the patient’s care due to patient confidentiality.

From TCI Ministry of Health

The Minister of Health wishes to advise that the Turks and Caicos Islands Government Ministry of Health, Public Health Team is actively tracing all contacts of this individual in order to provide them with the relevant guidance and action that may be required. A sample has been collected and sent for testing. The Ministry of Health along with the TCI Hospital are following the necessary established protocols as it relates to COVID-19. All key personnel from the Ministry of Health are engaged with the TCI Hospital on this matter and the Ministry of Health remains committed by way of advising the general public of any new developments on this case in a timely manner.

TCI Hospital will continue to provide updates to the Ministry of Health, Agriculture, Sports and Human Services through the Director of Health Services and Public Health Team. Hospital measures have been escalated after a continuous and comprehensive risk assessment and taking into consideration the safety of our patients, hospital staff and the wider community.

Complete visitor restriction from the inpatient wards was immediately initiated and remains in effect until further notice. Persons who need to items delivered to inpatients are required to present the items to the main reception desk and the hospital’s security team will deliver the items to the ward. Please ensure that items are properly labeled and no valuables such as money or jewelry are enclosed.

Members of the general public are asked to refrain from visiting the hospital except for an emergency complaint that requires access to the emergency department. Information related to the reduction of non-essential services at Cheshire Hall Medical Centre and Cockburn Town Medical Centre will be issued in a subsequent press release.

PRESS RELEASE from TCI Hospitals & Ministry of Health

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TWO SEXUAL Assault Cases begin in Providenciales Supreme Court



Wilkie Arthur

Freelance Court Reporter



#TurksandCaicos, September 26, 2023 – On Monday 25th September 2023 in the Providenciales Supreme Court before her Ladyship Ms. Tanya Lobban Jackson and a seven member Jury to be empaneled, there are TWO sexual assault/rape cases are listed to commence.

TRIAL 1: NICHOLL PRUDHOMME allegation date is on January 17th, 2022. The defendant is represented by Ms. Sheena Mair, who is also on bail.

The reported virtual complainant in this case is an adult in her 20’s.

TRIAL 2: DARROL FORBES allegations totaling six counts linked to alleged sexual abuse of one of his underage daughters.

The incidents, for which Forbes is being tried, range in dates from June 1st to August 31st  in 2020.

Forbes is represented by Keith James and is on bail.

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Finance minister not worried about Q1 negative growth



Dana Malcolm

Staff Writer 



#TurksandCaicos, September 26, 2023 – E Jay Saunders, TCI Finance Minister, isn’t worried about an economic downturn following a quarter of negative growth in Q1 of 2023.

Speaking to Magnetic Media on Tuesday September 19th, the country’s Deputy Premier said:  “Revenues don’t grow forever— you will have declines— but I am not nervous.”

During the recent Throne Speech, it was revealed that revenues were down and spending, too had decreased for the first quarter of TCIG’s fiscal year.

Saunders explained that with any country or even business, there were quarterly dips and spikes in economic performance but what mattered was the overall picture, which for the Turks and Caicos keeps climbing.

He also explained what could have caused the dip.

Saunders said that over the past two years the sale of luxury condominiums from places like the Ritz Carlton and post pandemic traveling boom, had rocketed the country’s income pumping up the cash brought in from stamp duties and other related taxes.

With less travel predicted and the country in a sort of in-between stage of construction with major buildings in the process of being finished but not as much new inventory on the market, Saunders said a drop in profits was not far-fetched.

He stressed though that this was not a reflection on ‘Brand TCI,’ rather the expected rise and fall of the economy. With the introduction of new real estate and the prime tourism season, revenues are expected to rebound.

The dip does however highlight an issue in the Turks and Caicos, that is its heavy dependence on tourism to buoy the economy and how quickly that can turn, as evidenced by the recent pandemic.

The Government says it has clocked the issue and is working to diversify the economy to isolate residents from economic shocks.  The question is whether those reported efforts to build other significant revenue streams for the TCI happening quickly enough.

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Royal TCI Police Briefs



#TurksandCaicos, September 26, 2023


A 30-year-old male suspect remains in police custody assisting detectives of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force with investigations, after the seizure of an AR15 Assault Rifle and several rounds of ammunition.

Preliminary reports state, that around 1.37 a.m. today, information was obtained regarding a suspicious vehicle that was intercepted by Police Officers.

This led to the arrest of the suspect, who was in the vehicle when officers intercepted it in the vicinity of Rock Plaza, Millennium Highway. A search of the vehicle resulted in the assault rifle and ammunition being found.


In a separate incident today at 8.25 a.m., Marine Branch officers acting on information proceeded to an area off Sapodilla Bay, South Dock, and noticed several packages floating in the sea. Eighteen packages were retrieved from the sea.

Upon inspection, the packages contained cocaine with an estimated street value of $250,000. Both incidents remain under active police investigations.

Commissioner of Police Trevor Botting said today, “This arrest and drug find was a result of information obtained from members of the public and great teamwork between different sections of the Force on the land and at sea. We remain grateful for your assistance and trust in the Police Force as we continue our partnership to ensure the TCI remains a safe place to live work and visit.

“This is the second assault rifle seized within the last two weeks and these successes are the result of hard work and commitment by my officers to pushing back on criminals intent on causing harm to our communities.

“I wish to again thank and encourage the public to continue working alongside us, if you see something, say something, there are options available for sharing information with us”.

The public is being asked to contact 911, the closest police station, the RTCIPF Serious Crime Unit at 232-8752, or call TCI Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477 and give any information on illegal activities.

Additionally, persons are encouraged to contact the Miami-Dade & Florida Keys Crime Stoppers at 1-305-471-8477 and give any information anonymously.

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