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Society-Wide Effort Needed to Elevate Skill Levels to Global Norms, says Bahamas Education Minister

Minister of Education, the Hon. Jeffrey Lloyd discussed “Addressing the Skills Gap” at Luncheon Town Hall Meeting, January 23, 2020 at SuperClubs Breezes. (BIS Photos/Eric Rose)

#NASSAU, The Bahamas – January 26, 2020 — The Hon. Jeffrey Lloyd, Minister of Education, appealed to participants of a Luncheon Town Hall Meeting to evolve, transform the society, and prepare Bahamians with the requisite education and skills to be productive and to compete globally.


“In this country, this must be a society-wide effort to transform our land — government, business, parents, civil society, churches, unions all have a responsibility and all must be accountable, said Minister Lloyd.

“We must all join in the transformation that is not just desired but urgently required.


“We must change and we must keep changing. We don’t just learn once. We must keep learning,” he said.

Minister Lloyd presented the keynote address at the meeting, which was sponsored by Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) in collaboration with Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise, January 23, 2020 at SuperClubs Breezes.  Stakeholders, including representatives of civil society, educational institutions, corporate Bahamas and various government agencies attended the meeting.  The theme was “Addressing the Skills Gap”.

Minister Lloyd said the country suffers a widening and frightening skills-competencies-capabilities deficit that is alarming yet opportunistic.  He emphasized that no society can successfully grow or operate without a dynamic, aggressive, powerfully explosive, and technically capable workforce.

Moreover, he underscored that BTVI is leading the technical/vocational revolution in The Bahamas with several initiatives earmarked including dual education.


Panelists included: Dr. Robert Robertson, President of BTVI; John Pinder, Director, Ministry of Labour; Peter Goudie, Labour and Employment Division of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation; Chandler Sands, Vice-Chairman, Maritime Sector Skills Council; Don Forbes, Grand Bahama Ship Yard; Michael Pratt, President, Bahamas Contractors Association; and Rhonda McDeigan-Eldridge, CPA, CA, Founder, Harness All Possibilities, Inc.


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