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TCI: Hon. Goldray Ewing attends XXII Annual Caribbean Postal Union Conference & Council of Ministers of Postal Affairs

#Providenciales, July 9, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Honourable Goldray Ewing, Minister for Home Affairs, Public Utilities and Transportation attended the XXII Annual Caribbean Postal Union Conference and the Council of Ministers of Postal Affairs in Havana, Cuba from 25th – 28th June 2019 under the theme “Our Way Forward – Building on the Pillars of the Regional Postal-Sector Strategy”.  Other members of the delegation included Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Clara Gardiner, Postmaster General, Mrs. Elizabeth Garland-James and Head of Secretariat, Ms. Cynara John.

The Caribbean Postal Union (CPU) is a governing body that aims to have a Caribbean that has a sustainable Post Network that provides a wide range of demands, communication and logistic services, at a reasonable cost. 

At this year’s conference, countries were able to hold discussions on identifying ways to strengthen- their operating capacity, opportunities to contribute to economic growth and the promotion of effective trade through the use of technology, financial inclusion and connectivity.  It was through those discussions that countries were able to explore avenues to improve competitiveness and their continued viability in a very challenging and operating environment.

Some of the common challenges being faced by the Post in several countries are:

·         Manual processing with  costly ineffective software or no access to technology Urgent need to generate revenue to sustain their operations

·         Inadequate customer focus

·         Inability to digitize bill payments and other agency services

·         Difficulty in monitoring and control

Postmaster General, Mrs. Elizabeth Garland-James had the opportunity to take part in panel discussions under the topic Produce for New Business, Products and Services.

Mrs. James shared that the recently opened George Brown Post Office in Providenciales is very timely as it affords the Post the space to handle the opportunities that online shopping and overseas shipment brings, not only for overseas vendors but for local entrepreneurs likewise. She also shared that the use of technology is central to improving customer service and that the process of implementing parcel tracking software has already begun.

Commenting on his first conference overseas since assuming his new portfolio, Honourable Goldray Ewing, Minister with responsibility for Postal Services said; “Attendance at this Caribbean Postal Union Conference and the Council of Ministers for Postal Affairs was very worthwhile. In addition to deliberating on, and learning first-hand about policies decisions that have the potential to affect the Turks and Caicos Islands before the end of this year, it provided tremendous insights as to how we can revolutionize postal services in our own country. A major takeaway from the conference for me is the potential to offer a wide range of services that can be meaningful to a larger percentage of our population and by extension increase Government revenue. It also provided a forum to meet Ministerial colleagues, who no doubt, will be a meaningful resource in my efforts to elevate postal services in the Turks and Caicos Islands.”   

Release: TCIG

Photo Captions:

Header: Left to Right: Hon. Goldray Ewing-Minister for Home Affairs Public Utilities and Transportation, Clara Gardiner OBE– Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Elizabeth James – Postmaster General 

Insert:Conference Delegates -XXII Annual Caribbean Postal Union Conference and Council of Ministers Of Postal Affairs, Havana, Cuba

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