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#Nassau, June 19, 2019 – Bahamas – The US Coast Guard, Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) Miami, Florida ask asked for assistance in locating and providing assistance to a disabled 40’ sailing vessel in the Bahamas.  The vessel sent an SOS alert from a Garmin In-Reach device at 0626 hrs Eastern Time, 19 JUNE 2019 from position 22 08.094 N / 073 37.090 W, or approximately 30 NM SW of Mayaguana, and 25 NM SE of Acklins Island in the Bahamas.

All that is known about the boat came via the GEOS IERCC Emergency Operations Center in Texas that handles SOS reports from Garmin In-Reach devices.  The vessel is a 40’ sailing vessel, without a functioning engine, and evidently the solo captain has lost use of his sails.  The captain’s name is ALAIN BEL. Captain BEL listed an emergency contact with Garmin to a relative in France.

The weather at his position currently are E to SE  @ 17 to 20 knots through Thursday and early Friday.  Winds will decrease Saturday to the 10 knot range during the weekend.

Are there any vessels in that area that may be able to render assistance to tow the vessel to safe harbor?

Anyone with information should contact the U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) at telephone number 305-415-6800.

Chris Parker of the Marine Weather Center, has been notified and will make announcements via his regular HF weather reports.

This information was also broadcast on the Waterway Radio & Cruising Club Amateur Radio Net, the SSCA HF Radio Service Net, and the Cruiseheimers HF Net.

 Additionally, SSCA HF Radio Service partner Jim West, KJM, contacted the GEOS IERCC Emergency Operations Center and provided them with a telephone number the sailor may send text message to if he desires contact.

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