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TCI: Pine Cay Project brings a delightful sound to Marjorie Basden Music Department, department head says ‘THANK YOU’

#Providenciales, June 7, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – In a succinct but impressive cell phone video, Magnetic Media learned of the ongoing work of the Pine Cay Project, its latest donation was music to the ear of the music department of Majorie Basden High School in South Caicos.

Johannes Hamilton, head of the Music Department said:  “We would like to thank Pine Cay Project for their liberal donation to Marjorie Basden High School Music Department. We are grateful for your liberal contribution… we have PSR 975, which is a great keyboard for CXC students who would normally compose a song and have it printed; then we have the violins, we have a viola over there and we have the cello and then we have Jordanae with a double base; that’s an electric double base and right in the corner there we have a saxophone and here we have a free laptop, (two, one is still in the box); eight cordless mics and here we have a recording system, audio interface.” 

“We have accessories for our brass instruments; we have accessories for the saxophone; we have some mics; we have five keyboards; here we have the rhythm guitar (two) and we have a bass guitar.  Here we have our prized treasure, the electric drum.  (student gives a spunky demonstration) Right behind him we have our sound system.  I would like to again thank Pine Cay for its contribution, and we know our music department would be upgraded greatly.”




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