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TCI: Five Cays infrastructure project ongoing, residents giving kudos on social media

#Providenciales, May 20, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Potholes have been filled, new accesses roads have been carved out and for the first time ever, streets in Five Cays will be paved; the report came during Budget Debate in early May from the Member for Five Cays and Chalk Sound, Hon Sean Astwood.

Deputy Premier Astwood, as the then outgoing Minister for Border Control saved a portion of his contribution for his constituency of Five Cays; telling the Speaker of the House of Assembly, “don’t tell me I’m not changing Five Cays.”

He said, “Mr Speaker, in keeping with Operation Facelift, a concept I had since my days in Opposition, I designed the landscaping and partnered with Amanyara to beautify the entrance to Five Cays and with the Premier’s Office for Chalk Sound. Mr. Speaker, many residents tell me the sense of pride they feel when exiting and entering these communities. That’s Change!  We enjoy the services of the Mobile Clinic, which gives our residents the opportunity to have their basic health care needs met, without having to visit CHMC.  Mr Speaker, we have also benefitted from CCTVs in our community which help serve as a deterrent to criminal activities.”

However, residents of the area are raving about the roadworks, which despite the muggy weather started last week.

“I am happy to announce to the residents of Tana Road, Matilda Way, and Granny Hill, that paving will be begun shortly. I also have a list of projects that are included in this year’s budget that I will give a brief summary now but will go more in depth at our next town hall meeting that I will be scheduling shortly.”

No longer a ‘soon to come’ promise, the work is started now and Deputy Premier Sean Astwood shared the scope of the project.

“The summary of upcoming projects includes: Granny Hill, Tana/Radar Station Road, Matilda Circle, Rigby Hill, Sand Bar Street, Fish Plant Road,” it was added that projects also involve, “Enid Capron, New Block; Chalk Sound Green Park; Five Cays Boat Ramp; Community Center Renovations; Basketball Court Redevelopment; Street Lights in all areas and Major Clean ups.”




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