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InterHealth Canada – TCI Hospital introduces 30 Modern Infusion Pumps

#Providenciales, May 29, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – InterHealth Canada – Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital continues to deliver on its mission to provide an innovative, safe and high-quality care environment with the recent introduction of 30 modern infusion pumps. 

The older obsolete models of the medical device have been replaced with Alaris infusion pumps that offers unparalleled safety, modularity, ease of use and versatility. These pumps are used in the delivery of fluids, medications, blood and blood products using continuous, bolus, or intermittent delivery.

Under the project agreement between InterHealth Canada and TCI Government, the private health care management company is required to maintain the lifecycle of medical equipment and devices as per the manufacturer recommendations. These devices and equipment are used to assist clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of certain medical conditions. 

The utilization of modern pumps in patient care delivery provides additional safety features that activates alerts when there is a risk of an adverse drug interaction, or when the user sets the pump’s parameters outside of specified safety limits. These pumps are able to interface with the patient’s electronic medical records, which mitigates documentation errors.

The manufacturer of the new infusion pumps provided clinical, technical and vendor support to facilitate the implementation process. Clinicians across the hospital, Biomedical and Information, Management and Technology (IMT) Engineers were trained as super users on the devices. The devices were validated by in-house subject experts and the manufacturer prior to placement in clinical areas.

Manager of Surgical Suites and Biomedical Services, Pheona Brown-Watson said: “TCI Hospital continues to demonstrate its’ commitment to quality healthcare for the country and its citizens. With new international regulations and standards for the management and use of medical equipment or devices, we will continue to ensure that each patient receives the right equipment for the right care at the right time”.

Release: InterHealth Canada

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