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TCI: Handicap parking legislated and front and back vehicle license plates mandated in new laws

#Providenciales, April 5, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Parking in a handicap space can now be ticketed, so can motorcyclists caught riding without a helmet and company vehicles are now subject to road worthiness inspections on-site; plus, we must now all have two matching license plates on our vehicles.

There are Amendments to the Road Safety Ordinance and today the Ministry of Home Affairs issued a notice for the public to be aware of the changes aimed at improving road safety.

The new stipulations in the regulation now capture infractions which are either already illegal in other jurisdictions or already the common practice. 

Islanders should find adjusting relatively easy as the country catches up, on the books, with other nations often frequented like the United States, The Bahamas and the United Kingdom. 

Uninsured vehicles can now be towed and impounded.  Better recording and verification of vehicle ownership will happen and license plates will be placed on the front and rare of motor vehicles in compliance with new CCTV rules.

Driving Instructors will be better regulated to ensure ‘quality assurance’ explains the Ministry and the Road Safety Department and handicap parking spaces are now mandatory.

Decals for those authorized to use those handicap parking spaces and tickets for those who disregard the designations are legalized.

The new road safety rules were recently passed in the House of Assembly.




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