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TCI: Applications for Community Cabs Now Available

#Providenciales, March 14, 2019 – Turks and Caicos

Application Forms 

Application forms are available for pick-up at Road Safety Department located at Central Square.

Business License

Each applicant must have a business license from the business license office to operate a public service vehicle.

Additional documents

Please attach to the application form:

a. Two passport-sized photographs of applicant;

b. A recent police record; and

c. Proof of Islander status

Fees: The fee for Community Cabs is $425.00 for the year. The applicant should have a clean police record, a Tides Certificate, (Training course at the Tourist Board), be a Turks & Caicos Islander and in possession of a public service operator’s license.

Vehicle requirements

All community cabs should be:

(a) is painted in white;

(b) is a sedan bodied vehicle; and

(c) has two turquoise colour stripes of two inch thickness on both sides of the vehicle and each stripe shall be one inch apart from each other.

License Display

A licensee shall display his licence on the rare view mirror inside any public service vehicle he operates and shall provide details of his licence to any passenger who requires them.

These Regulations are to provide—

(a) special licensing conditions for the two new categories of public service vehicles; the community cab and the minibus;

(b) for the offence of parking in front of an airport terminal building;

(c) a new application licence form;

(d) for the display of a licence in the rare view mirror

of public service vehicles; and

(e) for a fare of $3.00 to $7.00 on a community cab


A person who is licensed to operate a community cab is prohibited from—

(a) picking up passengers at hotels and resorts; and

(b) picking up passengers for hotels and resorts at the airport.

A person operating a community cab may pick and drop off passengers at the airport, other than passengers originating from hotels and resorts.”.

Press Release: TCIG

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