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TCI: Gymnastics Academy opened in Provo, children get free try

#Providenciales, March 3, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – It was open house today for a new sport which is officially now planted in the Turks and Caicos; gymnastics with two professional instructors is available in down town Providenciales at an impressive space in LaPorte’s Plaza (next to Patty Place).

Provo Gymnastics Academy was teaming with life yesterday; mainly excited young girls who were flexing and testing their abilities on the various apparatus.

Karin Hess, who hails from Peru is the owners of Provo Gymnastics Academy with her family. 

“We start this because of my daughter, she is eight years old and she loves the sport.  I saw that other kids here doing some movements and watching video about gymnastics and they say we love this.  For that reason, we are trying to start the sport here.  It is new, a very good thing for our youth and kids because it makes your body more strong and it develops discipline.  It is more than a sport.”

The target is high for Provo Gymnastics Academy, which has informed schools about the new offering. 

“We want to compete.  We want to make nice teams here of different age kids to go out of the islands to show a beautiful team of Turks and Caicos competing in the Caribbean, in the US this is why we start this academy.”

When it comes to what it will cost, the fees will differ and Karin invites residents to view their information online or better yet, come in, bring your children, take off your shoes and get a first-hand look and feel for the airconditioned facility.

“The academy is running Monday to Saturday… we are also opened after school and weekends.  Two teachers are coming – one is from the Philippines and the other one is from Japan.  Both of them were gymnasts, they have competed in different international competitions and they are very qualified teachers.”




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