Water under attack in Grand Turk, again

Grand Turk, February 25, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – Grand Turk residents continued to be frustrated due to constant attacks on its public water system.  The latest attack left the areas of Over Back, North Creek and Cork tree beach with only temporary water.

“The Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing and Planning in collaboration the Water Undertaking Unit within the Department of Public Works, would like to advise the residents of Grand Turk that the water mains enclosed in a manhole that services East Suburbs has been vandalized.”

It is the second notice from the Water Undertaking Unit and the Ministry in under two weeks.

On Valentine’s Day, the Ministry issued this: “… would like to advise the residents of Grand Turk and in particular those of West Road, that due to acts of vandalism, some residents there and those residing on some other sections of Front Street may experience temporary water loss, due to the fact that a main line on West Road, was damaged.”

Beyond the vandalism, in late 2018, there had been breaks in the water main at the Revers Osmosis plant. 

A solution to the water woes of Grand Turk appears to be on the way as there was a presentation made to Cabinet in August 2018; the drinking water issues have been plaguing the Capital for years.




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