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TCI: Training for Public and Private Primary Healthcare Staff in the use of Electronic Immunization Registry (EIR)

#Providenciales, November 13, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – The Ministry of Health, Agriculture, Sports and Human Services has completed its training on the electronic immunization registry (EIR).  This was Mr. Hayden Hopkin’s, PAHO consultant, second visit to the country.  During the two-day training, October 30th to 31st 2018, users of the system were trained in the use of the EIR.  The TCI along with three other Caribbean countries received a grant from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) through PAHO for the introduction and implementation of the system.

With this system, a child’s immunization record can be accessed from any participating clinic on any island in the TCI.   This system would enable easy access to immunization records years after the individual has left the program.  In the future, this will eliminate the need to call clinics or search through books for immunization records.  The Ministry is still in the process of entering immunization records from the past three years. The system was expected to be operational by November 2017, however, due the impact of the Hurricanes, the implementation process was postponed.

Commenting on the training, Ms. Alrisa Gardiner, Senior Public Health Nurse/EPI manager stated; “We are truly excited about this registry as we have been in dire need of an electronic system for our immunization programme for some time.  Once the registry became available and was presented to the EPI managers at our annual regional meeting, the request for it to be introduced in the TCI was immediate.  It was this quick response which caused the country to be awarded the grant from the CDC through PAHO.  The intended users of this registry, from both public and private facilities offering immunization services, have expressed their appreciation for this registry and their eagerness to begin using it.  Once this system is up and running, this will truly make access easier for both the clients and the health care provider.  The registry will not only be uploaded with data from the last three years, but also new encounters, both children and adults. I must thank the team at the Government Computer Unit, particularly Mr. Andre Mills, who from Mr. Hopkin’s first visit, ensured that access to the registry was available for modifications which were completed by the end of that visit, and, to Mr. Brandon Williams who stayed with us for our two-day training and provided onsite assistance.”

Trainer Mr. Hayden Hopkin commented; “We have just concluded a very successful two-day training including participants from the public and private sector in the TCI on the electronic immunization registry.  This registry was installed and configured during my visit last year, after which there was a period of back data entry where data from previous years was uploaded to the system.  Now that the nurses are trained, they will be able to use this system and experience the many benefits which it brings to the TCI’s programme; benefits such as easier access to immunization data, the ease of generating reports and forecasting, among others.  I would like to say thanks to the participants, they were receptive and eager to learn.  Thanks also to the TCI Ministry of Health and Computer Unit for facilitating the installation of the system and training.  Special thanks to the EPI manager for all her hard work and for coordinating the various activities”.

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