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TCI: Premier Robinson speaks to Public Relations and Announces Radio Shows

#Providenciales, November 1, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – Much confusion continue to exist over roles in the Public Service and how the Government works.  And many will recall that I have gone on record in the last year and half speaking to the need for a Radio Show that will educate the public on just this.  I am pleased to announce that this Educational Show will be introduced in January 2019 and more details will be shared in the upcoming weeks. It is my Government’s hope with the aid of the Public Service to take the Public through each Ministry initially and to explain the workings.

Much is happening within the elected and administrative arm of Government and my Government laments the sometimes poor public relations on our part. I am pleased to announce that a Communications Director will soon join the Office of Premier and will assist in all public relations by getting out much needed increased updates and will more effectively manage the happenings from the Premier’s Office and Ministers.

And finally, many will recall that following the Storms of September 2017, I deemed it important to use all means to communicate with our people and on a daily basis as much was happening. I first issued “Premier’s Daily Briefings” by whatsapp, radio and facebook. And then this initiative was followed by “Premier’s Weekly Briefings”. Much is ongoing as we seek to better the lives of our people and I am pleased to announce the return of the Premier’s Weekly Briefings during the month of November which will be Radio based and shared on all Platforms.

Join me on Monday for a Special Radio Appearance on Radio Turks and Caicos at 2pm to discuss the recently submitted constitutional proposals to the United Kingdom.

Hon Sharlene L Cartwright Robinson

Premier & Minister of Finance

The Turks and Caicos Islands


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