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BAHAMAS: The iconic hotel Crystal Palace was today, imploded

#Nassau, October 1, 2018 – Bahamas – Truly a wowee moment for Bahamians lining the famous Cable Beach waterway to get a glimpse of an iconic hotel literally going down, to pave the way for more of what is already touted as the most expansive resort property in the entire Caribbean.

Baha Mar is moving onto a new phase and that will happen without the once fabulous Crystal Palace hotel.  Four towers were imploded, one by one by one by one and Bahamians captured it…videos of the implosion were posted to YouTube and shared on social media.

After approval from the Bahamas Public Works department, Lenovo Construction made the announcements about traffic diversions, beach and other closures, even an impact study for the demolitions which took roughly two and a half hours to complete on October 1, today.

The Crystal Palace as we once knew it closed in February 2015 to make way for the growing $3.5b Baha Mar development… the now demolished Crystal Palace hotel was opened by Carnival Cruise Lines on Cable Beach in 1983 in Nassau, 25 years ago.





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