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BAHAMAS: New Hospital Administrator at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre

#Nassau, October 23, 2018 – Bahamas – The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) and the Sandilands

Ms. Anne Smith SEC Portrait 2017

Rehabilitation Centre (SRC) prepare to bid fond farewell to Hospital Administrator Ruth Albury as she commences

pre-retirement leave this month, capping forty-six (46) years of outstanding public service.  She will be succeeded by Ms. Mary Walker, formerly Hospital Administrator at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

A veteran of the public healthcare system, Ms. Walker has provided more than forty (40) years of service to the Bahamian people, with fifteen (15) years in a managerial capacity at various levels at our nation’s largest hospital.

She began her career as a Registered Nurse in 1980 and has served as Staff Nurse, Nursing Officer, Infection Control Assistant Manager and Environmental Safety Manager, until she was appointed to the position of Hospital Administrator at the PMH in 2013.

The Board and Management of the PHA extends best wishes to Ms. Albury as she begins her retirement and to Ms. Walker in her new position as Hospital Administrator at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre.


Press Release: PHA


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