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TCI: Millions on Road Works, Dozen new Prison guards coming

#Providenciales, August 9, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – Vigorous work is ongoing right now to right the tight fit for motorists who use millennium highway.  For years there had been a call to open up the thoroughfare which is the lone road into and out of the Turks and Caicos Islands’ most populated settlement.  During a debrief to explain the focus of the new Budget year, Premier Sharlene Robinson said Providenciales will get the largest spend and capital projects will include road works.  At this gateway to Blue Hills and Wheeland, the lanes go from two to four for an ease in traffic congestion.

“We are pleased with the Capital Programs being funded by TCIG at the amount of $36,625,00.46 (thirty-six million, six hundred and twenty-five thousand, and forty-six cents), is included in this year’s budget and of course you will know that we are managing projects over $20 million already from 2017-2018.”

“Major roadworks continues this year, and this year we are focused on the island of Providenciales, we will have the seawall repair works for Salt Cay, replacement furniture and the rebuilding of TCIG vehicle fleet which were destroyed during the storms, government building repairs including rebuilding the prison wing.”

trouble area will get budget help with a $400,000 boost from $3.2m to $3.6m. Her Majesty’s Prison in Grand Turk will see a dramatic boost in staff by 12 officers.  The Prison has been plagued with break outs, assault of guards and other inmates, fires, devastating damages due to the hurricanes of 2017 and unruly inmates who have even taken their deviance to Facebook live.

We will construct the new prison wing, the phased Prison Redevelopment Program with the rehabilitative focus will be adopted this year.”

The Department of Disaster Management and Integrity Commission were also among those government areas with increases, and among the new initiatives for the country will be the digitization of records.  The TCI House of Assembly passed its largest budget in history in July and just over $290m.





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