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Mother denied seeing son at morgue, Ervin Walkin murdered during lunch break

#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands – Friday August 24, 2018 – A fifth murder, the third one for August in the Turks and Caicos Islands and it is said to be an ongoing feud which has led to the killing of Judah Gail and Terrell Handfield, 21 years old on August 3rd and yesterday around noon, the drive-by shooting death of 27-year-old Wheeland man, Ervin Walkin.

Walkin was killed while walking in the Glass Shack area, family told Magnetic Media; he had just left work to go home for lunch.  The young father of two boys worked at Carib Glass, better known as the Glass Shack.

Loved ones on Thursday were struggling to cope with the sudden, tragic loss of their son and father, friend and cousin yet added to this was a denial of Walkin’s parents to see his body of their beloved boy. 

Family was livid, others infuriated by the Police decision not to allow Walkin’s mother into the morgue to see her deceased son.

Magnetic Media learned that Police explained that the young man’s body is now a part of the evidence in the drive-by shooting investigation of Thursday afternoon.  The family has been told the body can be seen by after the autopsy is performed.

A broken-hearted but accepting Mrs Walkin (mother) walked away after some assurances from the acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Rodney Adams.  Adams opted not to comment about the situation to Magnetic Media.

Police are asking for help.  Acting Commissioner of Police, Trevor Botting in a media release yesterday said:  Someone knows who carried out this terrible act and I would urge them to contact detectives and tell them what you know. By working together, we can bring those responsible to justice and make the Turks and Caicos safer for all of us.”

Ervin Walkin, we were told died at hospital, reportedly while in surgery after suffering multiple gun shots to the back.

The shooting occured on Albacore Close across the street from a new church.

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