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Turks and Caicos Constitution says slavery is over!

#TurksandCaicosIslands, July 2018 – Part four of the Turks and Caicos Islands Constitution 2011 says:  (1) No person shall be held in slavery or servitude. (2) No person shall be required to perform forced or compulsory labour. (3) For the purposes of this section, “forced or compulsory labour” does not include—

(a)any labour required in consequence of the sentence or order of a court;

(b)any labour required of a member of a disciplined force in pursuance of his or her duties as such or, in the case of a person who has conscientious objections to service in a naval, military or air force, any labour that that person is required by law to perform in place of such service;

(c)labour required of any person while he or she is lawfully detained that, though not required in consequence of the sentence or order of a court, is reasonably necessary in the interests of hygiene or for the maintenance of the place in which he or she is detained; or

(d)any labour required during a period of public emergency or in the event of any other emergency or calamity that threatens the life or well-being of the community, to the extent that the requiring of such labour is reasonably justifiable, in the circumstances of any situation arising or existing during that period or as a result of that other emergency or calamity, for the purpose of dealing with that situation.



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