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TCI: 2018 GSAT Results

#Providenciales, July 4, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – The Ministry of Education, Youth, Culture and Library Services commends all Grade Six students for their performance in the 2018 Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) administered on 13th and 14th June 2018.  Four hundred and forty-five (487) students were registered for GSAT.  Three hundred and sixty-eight (368) of these students scored 50% or higher.  The pass rate for 2018 is 75.56% compared with 80.45% in 2017.  The table and graph below show the pass rates for the period 2009 to 2018.


YEAR 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
OVERALL PERCENT PASSES 64.4 69.3 83.3 74.8 77.8 68.3 72.1 75.1 80.45 75.56


The pass rate in Mathematics increased by 11.91% compared with the results for 2017.  There was a slight decrease in the pass rate for English and the pass rate in Science decreased by 19.56%.  The pass rate for the General Paper increased by 2.91%.   Neroy Kennedy of Ona Glinton Primary scored 98.40% in Mathematics.  T’Andre James of Precious Treasures International scored 94.50% in English.  Franklyn Ewing of Eliza Simons Primary scored 93.50% in Science.  Margaret Lewis of Ona Glinton Primary and Chimbuchi Orumba of Ianthe Pratt Primary shared first place in the General Paper with 96.50%.

The Ministry congratulates the students and schools who are among the top ten in the country:

NAME OF STUDENT        GENDER               NAME OF SCHOOL                          AVERAGE

Franklyn Ewing                    Male                      Eliza Simons Primary                                   92.29

T’Andre James                    Male                      Precious Treasures Intl.                                 92.19

Chelsea Been                     Female                 Eliza Simons Primary                                        91.71

Wodmael Plaisimond       Male                      Enid Capron Primary                                       91.71

Margaret Lewis                 Female                 Ona Glinton Primary                                         91.71

Eboni Harvey                     Female                 Ona Glinton Primary                                        91.05

Neroy Kennedy                Male                      Ona Glinton Primary                                         90.00

Damari James                    Male                      Ona Glinton Primary                                       89.71

Jean Hilaire                         Male                      Enid Capron Primary                                     89.33

Widelene Plaismond      Female                 Enid Capron Primary                                         89.14

Tre’von Wilson                  Male                      Ona Glinton Primary                                       89.14

Noelisa Benjamin             Male                      Faith Preparatory                                             89.14


The graph below shows the spread of marks in 2018 compared with 2017. The graph shows that while there is a decrease  in the pass rate there is also an increase in the number of students who scored between 70 and 89 percent this year compared with 2017.


The impact of the storms at the commencement of the school year brought new challenges.  The Government has expressed its commitment to rebuilding stronger more resilient schools, and to ensuring that all learners have the tools needed to be successful.   The Ministry will continue to make professional development opportunities available to all staff, continuously upgrade facilities in primary and high schools and expand the ICT inventory in schools.

The Ministry remains committed building a resilient and inclusive education system in which each learner can be successful. The Ministry of Education extends best wishes to all Grade Six achievers as they transition to high school.


Release: TCIG


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