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BREAKING NEWS: Out of control truck kills four women, 24 more hospitalised from Bahamas Labour Day parade


#Nassau, Bahamas – June 1, 2018 – It is a manic scene now on Labour day in Nassau, Bahamas as an over-excited, careless driver inadvertently forgets to put his truck into park and that unmanned vehicle mowed down dozens of marchers, killing at least four according to reports.  

The screams and cries and hollering coming from bystanders, victims and those who escaped the tragedy are gut wrenching, posted on social media and is sending shock waves around The Bahamas and nearby lands.  

Bodies are scene bloodied, strewn on the hot asphalt with Police trying to corral curious crowds and others offering what could be life saving help on the scene.  It is unprecedented tragedy on a day usually filled with joy for workers in The Bahamas.

It is said that 24 others were confirmed as injured by Bahamian Police.  It was also reported in Nassau-based media that the four killed were all women.

There are arguments on social media about who is behind the freak accident and charges that today, a public holiday in The Bahamas, there is insufficient staff at the hospitals.  It is even said the four women are members of the nurses union.

The annual Labour Day parade welcomes hundreds of union workers in a festive trip along Blue Hill Road in Nassau, where the Father of Labour, the late Sir Randol Fawkes made his mark and took an historic stand for the Bahamian workforce.

Ironically, today, generations later many of those whom Sir Randol and others fought for were victims in an unwitting accident that has brought the country to a stunning standstill.

The situation is still quite fluid, emotions are running high… understandably.

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