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BAHAMAS: Defence Force Craft to be used as a Reef Site

#Nassau, June 7, 2018 – Bahamas – Her Majesty’s Bahamian Ship YELLOW ELDER was officially handed over to Stuarts Cove Dive Company and will be used as an artificial reef site for visitors.

Commissioned on November 20, 1986, HMBS YELLOW ELDER was one of 3 Protector Class vessels that was built by Fairey Marine, England.  The 108-ft craft was used extensively in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force in the fight against transnational activities such as illegal migration, poaching and drug smuggling.

HMBS Yellow Elder was decommissioned in 2016, and was sunk as a dive wreck earlier today by Stuart Cove Dive Company.  The Protector Class vessel came into service in 1986 and conducted numerous patrols prior to becoming inoperable and deemed no longer cost-effective to repair by a marine survey company.  Stuart Cove Dive Company offered to use the vessel as a dive wreck without cost.

HMBS YELLOW ELDER was subsequently destored with all residual oil and fuel removed prior to being sunk approximately five miles south of Coral Harbour.  Other vessels sunk by Stuart Cove in the past have become natural habitats for coral and other marine life; a natural attraction for many visiting divers.

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