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Anti-Gang law passed in Trinidad and Tobago

#Trinidad and Tobago, Wednesday June 6, 2018 – In an urgent effort to curb crime, Trinidad and Tobago’s Cabinet in late May authorized the activation of their Anti Gang law— legislation that will give the police power to pursue and prosecute all members from criminal gangs.

The Attorney General’s Office in a statement said the instructions given to the president follows written approval from the Cabinet, the Judiciary and the police service.  

It was also shared that the  Act is one of several legislative measures that have been undertaken to buttress the criminal justice system and assist law enforcement in its fight against crime.”

The Bill, which caused much contention between the Government and the Opposition, had been defeated last December when the Opposition refused to back it because it did not approve of the four-year sunset clause.  The bill will now dissipates in a 30-month sunset clause.

It is said that the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit of the police service in Trinidad and Tobago has been keeping close tabs on approximately 2,459 suspected gang members.

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