Chinese to revive Royal Reef, North and Middle Caicos get TCIs second largest resort

#TurksandCaicos, May 01, 2018 – North Caicos – A Chinese investor has answered the call by Invest Turks and Caicos Agency, and will revive the relic which was some 13 years ago touted as a five star condo, resort and villa development; the Royal Reef Resort and Spa is returned to the market with soil now freshly turned, on Friday, at the site.

Rochelle Thompson of Invest Turks and Caicos Agency said the interest from Chinese realtor and developer of 30-years, Guo Liang Tian is a result of the Agency’s vigorous international promotion of the opportunity on Sandy Point Beach in North Caicos.

A mix-use tourism development, featuring 219 residences and rooms on just under 20 acres is to be a completion of the project left derelict in 2007.  Ms. Thompson added that there will be restaurants, retail stores, pools and all of the amenities one expects at a luxury resort and spa.

The Royal Reef Resort and Spa will not however feature any gaming facilities, but is being called the second largest resort property in the Turks and Caicos Islands; only Beaches Resort Villages and Spa is more expansive.

During the quaint ceremony, held this past Friday, where the new developer was introduced, residents heard from Mr. Tian, also known as Tony, who spoke to the audience through an interpreter.

Not only did Mr. Tian share enthusiastically about the beauty of the property and his readiness to get started on completing the massive resort, but he promised to be a good corporate citizen of the twin islands.  Two scholarships for the high school, he said, and students will have the opportunity to study in China; the announcement was met with loud applause.

Hon Ralph Higgs was unble to attend the event; the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Tourism, Cheryl Ann Jones brought the Minister’s message on his behalf.   In it, Minister Ralph Higgs, who is also a native of North Caicos and the Member of Parliament for the district endorsed the deal, calling it a ‘first class resort which will bring meaningful employment and one which will contribute generously to community development.’

The Minister in his message said the resumption of construction at the Royal Reef will ‘cause investors to take a new look at the family islands’, adding that the project will naturally yield development and expansion at both the airport and sea port.

While there were some blanks not filled in about the investment including the financial injection, how many jobs were to be created during construction phase and permanently and there was no date given for when construction was due to begin; Magnetic Media was told that Mr. Tian is ready to go and only awaiting requisite permits to get started.

Remarks welcoming the developer and his large contingent, embracing the project as good for the twin islands and the Turks and Caicos by extension and encouraging residents to access the opportunities which will come were brought by Minister for Infrastructure, Goldray Ewing and Deputy Premier, Sean Astwood.

Premier Sharlene Robinson was unable to attend the ceremony; the Deputy Premier addressed the healthy turn out on behalf of the Government.

Members of the House of Assembly also attending the event were Doug Parnell, MP for Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hills – also native to North Caicos and appointed members, Maxovanno Thomas (PDM) and Royal Robinson (PNP).

It was unclear how many expatriate labourers will be needed to support the construction and staffing of the resort and spa, but Ms. Thompson of Invest Turks and Caicos Agency assured that the Immigration regulations will guide hiring.

Mr. Tian, who is said to have developed projects throughout the United States and the Caribbean will complete the Royal Reef Resort and Spa through his newly established company, Turks and Caicos Real Estate Ltd.


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