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BAHAMAS: Remarks by Prime Minister Hubert Minnis at 24th Annual Crusade of League of Haitian Pastors

#Bahamas, May 28, 2018 – Nassau



Prime Minister

Dr. the Hon. Hubert Minnis 

League of Haitian Pastors

24th Annual Crusade/Civic Night

Church of God

Joe Farrington Road

Thursday, 24 May 2018

8:00 P.M.


  • Cabinet Colleagues
  • Jean Paul Charles, President of the League of Haitian Pastors and other Members of the Clergy
  • Congregants, Good evening:

Thank you for inviting me to share this evening with you. It is a privilege to be here.  This is a wonderful turnout.

Let me begin by bringing best wishes for your 24th Annual Crusade and Civic Night.

I know that this year’s crusade will be filled with many blessings, and that this will be a time of renewal.  I thank the League of Haitian Pastors for the work you do in our communities, including your pastoral and social ministry and outreach.  May your crusade be a time of faith and fellowship.

We are reminded in 1 John 4:16: “And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.”

So let this be a time to express your love of God and your love of neighbor which, we are instructed, should be the same love we have for ourselves.  No matter the struggles, no matter the suffering, no matter the trials and tribulations, no matter the heartbreak, no matter the mountains to climb, we should always rely on the love and mercy of the God who sustains us in every season of life.

Let us all always continue to seek God’s guidance and grace.

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Last year October I had the privilege of speaking at the Metropolitan Church of the Nazarene.

I said at the time:  The Bahamas is made up of people who have their roots from throughout the Caribbean and the world.

We are made up of people from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.  We are made up of people from Dominica, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and from throughout the Caribbean.  We are also made up of people from Haiti.   The ties between the Bahamas and Haiti go back several centuries.

Haiti and the Bahamas are bound together by history, by geography and by family ties.  So many Bahamians enjoy such family ties.  This is something we should celebrate.  But no matter where we hail from, we also celebrate unity in our diversity.  We must be one people in love and unity.  We celebrate those who have contributed so much to building our Bahamas, no matter which land we originally came from.

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I would like to briefly address a matter that has been in the news for some time.  There has been much discussion about the Government’s intention to remove, over a period of time, shantytowns in New Providence and Abaco.  The Government set up a large task force to carefully plan for the removal of shantytowns, so that we can better assimilate the residents of these areas, and help to improve the quality of life of residents.

I want to emphasize that the task force includes a number of representatives of the Haitian community, including pastors, with whom we are in continuous dialogue.  I thank all the members of the task force for their dedication and hard work.


There has been a tremendous misunderstanding, by some people, of what we are trying to do.  We have been careful to address this issue in a comprehensive, careful and compassionate manner.  Our aim is to improve the lives of all of those affected by what we are doing.

We must live in The Bahamas as one people, with shared values and a shared commitment to a better future for all citizens and residents of The Bahamas.  As we seek to build a better Bahamas, let us join hands and hearts in the spirit of solidarity.

Let me close by once again wishing you every blessing as you renew your faith, and a shared fellowship in the Lord from whom all blessings come.

May God bless the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Thank you and good night.


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