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BAHAMAS: PwC advisory team facilitates Bahamas forensics workshop for public sector

#Bahamas, May 16, 2018 – Nassau – PwC Bahamas in collaboration with the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) brought together several top leaders of its regional and global Advisory units to facilitate the first ever Bahamas forensics training workshop.   The two-day event was aimed at enhancing the technical capabilities of government regulators.

The workshop was facilitated by Tim Abrahams, PwC US Partner, Forensic Services, Kevin Cambridge, PwC Bahamas Director of Advisory, Tania Fabiani, PwC Global Fraud Risk & Integrity Leader and Glen Ware, Principal, PwC Global Intelligence Leader, Jude Vanover, PwC US Director of Forensics, Sumana Lahiry, PwC US Forensics Manager, Nikolaos Doukellis, PwC US International Anti-Corruption & Compliance and Burnadene Falconer, PwC Bahamas Senior Associate, Advisory.

Kevin Cambridge, said “Our goal was to assemble our knowledgeable and experienced PwC team from the network to expose the participants to the global developments in forensics. We tapped into our network to present relevant topics and to share insights about the latest strategies in forensics, digital technology, investigative techniques, data analytics and preservation, anti-money laundering and countering-terrorism financing; all timely topics that would benefit the government bodies.”

Jessica Shannon, PwC’s International Development and Forensics Leader for the Caribbean Region, noted “We are thrilled to see the high-impact work that has been done by our Bahamas advisory team in support of our clients and the community. We are committed to collaborating with the public sector to deepen our public/private ties in establishing more initiatives and providing more training to allow them to develop themselves in the forensic space.”

Tim Abrahams, PwC US Partner, Forensic Services, said, “As the business world is rapidly becoming more complex, data saturated and globalized, risks related to fraud and corruption are all growing.  Our team was committed to giving every attendee a platform to communicate their concerns, ideas and viewpoints on fighting crime. We are invested in continuing to bring greater awareness to these issues and equipping our clients with the tools and knowledge needed to mitigate the evolving risks within the global arena”.

Regulators representing the different government agencies included the Royal Bahamas Police Force, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Bahamas Customs, the Forensics Intelligence Unit (FIU), the Registrar General’s Department, Auditor General, Insurance Commission, Securities Commission, Compliance Commission, the Central Bank of the Bahamas, the Ministry of Finance and the Gaming Board.

“These local government bodies represent a cross-section of experienced regulators who trust us to share our knowledge to enhance their training capabilities. The success of the workshop was a result of an ongoing relationship with the OAG. Thanks to their support, we were able to share tools, techniques and best practices in the forensics field and provide real life examples to solving complex problems they face daily.” said Cambridge.

The interactive forum also allowed the PwC team to hear the concerns of the regulators; many of whom spoke of their experiences and what they hoped to gain from the workshop.


Release: PwC

Photo Captions: 

Header: L-R: Members of the PwC regional and global advisory team who facilitated the workshop.

First Insert: PwC Advisory leaders Tim Abrahams (PwC US) and Kevin Cambridge (PwC Bahamas) engage with participants at the forensic training workshop.

Second Insert: Glen Ware, Principal, PwC US Global Intelligence Leader explains forensic fundamentals and global intelligence.

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