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BAHAMAS: AG Bethel hosts ‘Stakeholder Meeting’ with IDB/CSJP officials



#Bahamas, May 11, 2018 – Nassau – Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Senator the Hon. Carl W. Bethel, QC, recently hosted officials from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and The Bahamas’ Citizens Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) to a Stakeholder Meeting at the Office of the Attorney-General and Ministry of Legal Affairs, Paul L. Adderley Building, John F. Kennedy Drive.

The Attorney General was accompanied by Minister of State for Legal Affairs, the Hon. Elsworth Johnson; Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Attorney-General and Ministry of Legal Affairs, Marco Rolle; Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Attorney-General and Ministry of Legal Affairs, Sonia Culmer; Danya Parker-Wallace, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs, Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs; Shane Miller, Assistant Director of Legal Affairs, Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs, and Loren Klein, Consultant, Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs.

The Stakeholder Meeting afforded IDB and CSJP officials the opportunity to provide the Attorney General with an update on the progress of Component III of the Citizens Security and Justice Programme, which focuses on the further strengthening of the Administration of Justice System.

Attorney General Bethel said there is “a unity of purpose” and commitment on behalf of the Government of The Bahamas, and the various governmental ministries/agencies involved in the project, to the success of the Citizen Security and Justice Programme.

“We realize that we cannot keep doing the same things, the same ways, expecting different results,” Attorney-General Bethel said.  “The project provides opportunities for us to re-imagine, particularly with regards to the treatment of young offenders, and further opportunities as to what can be done to turn things around; what can be done to intervene earlier, and so it is critically important.”

Dr. Dorcas Cox, Project Manager, said the Stakeholder Meeting with the Attorney General was “part of the ongoing process to get an understanding from the stakeholder perspective.

“The meeting enabled us to determine what value are we already providing; what value does he require in the future; is the project providing him (in this case) with the outputs he needs to realize the mandate and the vision and the mission of the Government of The Bahamas.  The fact that the Attorney General embraces the programme and is committed to it, is wonderful news. It means that all we have to do is to keep him informed, keep him plugged in and engaged, and meet those expectations that he shared with us,” Dr. Cox added.

Funded by a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank, the CSJP has four components, the first of which deals with Conflict Resolution in a non-violent manner.

Component Two, addresses the lack of employability among young persons. Partnering with the Ministry of Labour (Department of Labour) and the National Training Agency, 2,600 young persons between the age of 15-29 will receive a cross-section of training targeted at soft skills instruction — communication, teamwork, proper job etiquette and technical skills training — with an opportunity to obtain some work experience in the hospitality and retail industries.

Component Three focuses on the further strengthening of the Administration of Justice System; while Component Four deals with the rehabilitation and re-integration into society of offenders both in the adult population of the Bahamas Department of Corrections as well as the juvenile facilities, Simpson Penn Centre for Boys and the Willa Mae Pratt Centre for Girls.

The CSJP calls for a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary approach “that necessitates the expertise of multiple ministries and governmental bodies, the business community, educators, the Clergy and Civil Society.”

Government ministries and their departments and agencies involved in the Programme include the Ministry of National Security (as the Government’s Executing Agency), the Ministry of Finance (Government liaison with the Inter-American Development Bank), Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs, the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Services.

The Office of the Judiciary (Supreme and Magistrates’ Courts) is also a part of the Programme.

“One of the major outputs in component three is an effective Integrated Case Management System across the entire Administration of Justice landscape. Stakeholders will be the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs, the Supreme and Magistrates’ Courts, the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Department of Corrections.

“From arrest, to trial, to conviction, all of those stakeholders play an integral role in criminal justice administration. And so the system is designed to bring technology to bear so that we can reduce the backlog by reducing the amount of paper we have to distribute.

“The plan is to also improve communication across those various platforms and across those departments, enhance the scheduling and monitoring of cases, scheduling of cases, while ensuring that we have faster access to court transcripts.  It’s a significant initiative.”


By: Matt Maura (BIS)

Photo Caption: Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Senator the Hon. Carl W. Bethel, QC, (seated centre) recently met with officials from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Citizens Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) during a Stakeholder Meeting at the Office of the Attorney-General and Ministry of Legal Affairs, Paul L. Adderley Building, John F. Kennedy Drive. The Stakeholder Meeting afforded IDB and CSJP officials with the opportunity to provide the Attorney General with an update of the progress of Component III of the Citizens Security and Justice Programme which focuses on the further strengthening of the Administration of Justice System.

Pictured along with Attorney General Bethel (seated from left) are: Danya Parker-Wallace, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs, OffIce of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs; the Hon. Elsworth Johnson, Minister of State for Legal Affairs; and Marco Rolle, Permanent Secretary, Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs.  IDB officials are photographed in foreground.  Our second photograph shows the full group during a Courtesy Call that preceded the Stakeholder Meeting.

(BIS Photos/Derek Smith)



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Leslie Gibson, first Bahamian to land in Royal Caribbean’s Corporate Offices, looking for others to join the company he praises for diversity and inclusion



Job fair to fill open positions at the cruise line’s Perfect Day at Coco Cay resulted in 62 offers


MIAMI, August 10, 2022 – When Leslie Gibson accepted a position on Royal Caribbean International’s Perfect Day at Coco Cay during the height of the COVID pandemic, he didn’t imagine the opportunity would lead him to his dream job.

“The craziest thing is that what I’m living now, I dreamt about,” said Gibson, who is now based in Miami. “I studied engineering, but I prayed for a job where I would be traveling and working outside of where I’m from. I love The Bahamas and I’m always ready to go back home, but I’ve always wanted to get more exposure, see the world and all it has to offer. And Royal has been able to provide me that.”

Gibson said he found his footing in human resources after friends and family saw his natural affinity for working with people and problem solving.

Gibson began his journey with Royal Caribbean as a human resources specialist on Coco Cay in June 2020, where he worked for 11 months before he was selected to move to corporate and take on a larger scale of recruiting for private island experiences around the world, a role that has expanded to include shipboard recruiting.

Gibson’s promotion reflects a corporate culture of promoting from within. Michael Bayley, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean International, started as a purser onboard the company’s ships before rising through the ranks to head the cruise line that now has 26 ships and more than 77,000 employees.

In just two years, Gibson has helped to recruit more than 300 people to work in The Bahamas, along with another 100 for Labadee in Haiti and more than 1,000 to work on Royal Caribbean’s ships.

“I think that’s why I love being a recruiter, because of the fact that I’m able to help people find their dreams,” Gibson said. “Some people who don’t even know they’re good at certain things, I’m able to help them navigate through that by giving them the opportunity to work with us.”

Gibson recently traveled to Dominica and St. Vincent as part of Royal Caribbean’s recruiting efforts, and he was on the ground for the job fair in Nassau recently when Royal Caribbean made offers to dozens of people in the hopes of filling several different positions on Coco Cay.

The exercise was part of a larger regional hiring effort to attract more Bahamian and Caribbean talent for Royal Caribbean’s private destinations and its ships. Royal Caribbean’s Director of Talent Acquisition Cindy Williams, said the company is coming back “better than ever.”

“We have a strong employer brand, and we are committed to making our return to service better than ever by bringing new crew members to Royal Caribbean,” she said.

Gibson said the magnitude of the post-pandemic boom is evident in Coco Cay’s guest numbers.

“We went from seeing as little as 2,000 to 3,000 guests a day at Coco Cay to now up to 10,000 guests and two ships a day,” Gibson said. “So, that went from our head count being 350 to 450 employees to now almost 600 who are needed for a call day.”

Royal Caribbean President Michael Bayley earlier this year announced the company’s intention to hire more Bahamians.

Gibson said that goal is just a microcosm of the company itself, which maintains diversity and inclusion as key priorities.

“I have coworkers from all around the world,” he said.

Recalling Royal Caribbean’s swift response to Hurricane Dorian in 2019, Gibson said the company’s passion for its employees was a considerable factor in his decision to accept his first job with the cruise line.

“I chose Royal because of some of the things they have done,” he said. “When Hurricane Dorian hit those islands, Royal Caribbean were some of the first people on the ground. I wouldn’t even talk about the people who were employed by Royal Caribbean — they spent millions of dollars helping employees get back on their feet.”

And although Dorian made history as one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded, Royal Caribbean’s response — rushing in to provide food, water, shelter and medical supplies for those impacted — was not particularly unusual for the company.

“When I say this, I mean throughout any disaster,” Gibson said.

“In 2020, there was a typhoon in the Philippines,” he added. “We assisted so many of our team members with helping their families back home. And this happens all the time. Our company is always about putting its employees first.”


Photo Caption: Leslie Gibson, 30, is the first Bahamian to have landed in Royal Caribbean’s corporate offices, but pledges to be far from the last. At a job fair held recently in Nassau, Gibson and his team of recruiters sought to fill a wide range of openings at Perfect Day at Coco Cay, the cruise line’s private island destination in the Berry Islands.

Release: RCI / DPA Media

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Scores of Students Equipped with Supplies to Return to School



NASSAU, BAHAMAS, AUGUST 13, 2022 – As the new school year approaches, Sandals Foundation Ambassadors at Sandals Royal Bahamian have embarked on a back-to-school drive, donating school supplies to local schools and communities in Nassau as part of their commitment to education and community development.

Recently, a team of over 15 volunteers from the resort traveled to Gambier Primary School, where students and teachers were gathered for summer school, and distributed over 40 packages with school supplies that included notebooks, pencils, crayons, pencil cases, erasers, sharpeners, reading books, rulers and glue sticks and warm meals.

Public Relations Manager at Sandals Royal Bahamian, Renee Deleon, shared the impact that these donations will have on families and schools across the island.

“Education is pivotal to the growth of a nation and it is something that we are committed to at Sandals. We know that back to school expenses here like anywhere else in the world can be quite strenuous so we want to play our part in helping to ease the financial burden that this may present to families as schools look to reopen.”

Deleon further added, “Thanks to the support of our guests who packed for a purpose, we were able to collect these items that will allow students to be equipped with the essential tools they need to make a better transition to the classroom when they return to school.”

The gesture was met with song, dance and echoes of ‘thank you’ as the Sandals team made the presentations to the children. Principal Forbes explained how this donation will help to improve the teaching and learning process.

“I am tremendously grateful to the Sandals Foundation and their team members from Sandals Royal Bahamian for gifting my students with school supplies. This donation will go a long way toward allowing teachers to execute lessons and students to participate.”

Forbes also noted that the school has had a longstanding relationship with the Foundation.

“Over the years we’ve had a good relationship with the Sandals Foundation and I am happy that we still have them in our corner.”

In addition to this donation to Gambier Primary School, the Sandals Royal Bahamian team has distributed school supplies to the Community Touch Group. Donations were also made to children at the Nazareth Centre as well as some children from the Okra Hill community. Later this month the Sandals Foundation ambassadors will be giving back to children from the Nassau Village and Grove communities.


Photo Captions: 

Header: These Sandals Foundation Ambassadors from Sandals Royal Bahamian were captured with bag packs filled with school supplies moments before they donated the supplies to the Nazareth Centre.

 1st insert: It is always a joyous occasion when Sandals Foundation Ambassadors go out to give back.

 2nd insert: Volunteers from Sandals Royal Bahamian were a picture of joy when they stopped by Gambier Primary School to donate school supplies and issue lunches recently.

 Release: Sandals Resort

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GBPA Statement from Ian Rolle, President



Re:  GBPA’s Response to fire in the International Bazaar


#TheBahamas, August 10, 2022 – The Grand Bahama Port Authority is aware of the recent fire at the International Bazaar.

The GBPA has engaged, and continues to engage, with operators of the International Bazaar, which include representatives of the Bazaar Association and several property owners, so that we can continue demolition exercises on the dilapidated structures and buildings.

The GBPA is acutely aware of the need to demolish derelict structures within the International Bazaar for the safety of all businesses and visitors. We have performed demolitions in the past at our own cost, most recently in February 2022 when we, in partnership with owners, demolished fire-damaged buildings in the Oriental Section. We have also written to numerous property owners of dilapidated structures over the years to sensitize them to the need to repair or demolish their buildings.

In addition, we have engaged the Government of the Bahamas in advance discussions to approve our requested amendments of the Building and Sanitary bylaws, which would enable GBPA to execute more demolitions in a timely manner and recoup the associated costs.

With the requested bylaw amendments in place, GBPA can continue to make consistent efforts to address the remainder of derelict buildings in the International Bazaar and other dilapidated structures within the city.

The GBPA itself has never owned any part of the International Bazaar but has historically subsidized the Bazaar for many years when owners were no longer maintaining its communal areas.

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